PBN Backlinks 700+ High Authority Domain DA 80+ Homepage Backlinks


PBN Backlinks 700+ High Authority Domain DA 80+ Homepage Backlinks

PBN Backlinks 700+ High Authority Domain DA 80+ Homepage Backlinks are an important factor in SEO, and there is an external measure for SEO as a method to increase the evaluation of the page by increasing the number of backlinks.



PBN Backlinks 700+ High Authority Domain DA 80+ Homepage Backlinks

PBN Backlinks 700+ High Authority Domain DA 80+ Homepage Backlinks are an important factor in SEO, and there is an external measure for SEO as a method to increase the evaluation of the page by increasing the number of backlinks.

In PBN Backlinks SEO, external measures to increase backlinks are effective, but there is also a risk that Google will take measures to lower the search ranking (generally called “penalty”) if the method is wrong.

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What is a PBN backlink? Explain How to Increase

PBN Backlinks are linked from external sites that you do not control to your site.

Backlinks increase when others create links, so you cannot increase them yourself.

Google also interprets backlinks as evidence that “content is useful.”

Backlink Effect

Google will display the higher the quality of the content on the page at the top of the search results, but the number of PBN backlinks from external sites is used as a criterion to judge the quality of the content.

This is also specified in Google’s Search Console Help as follows:

Allow Links from other Sites

Links from other sites make it easier for crawlers to find your site and are more likely to appear in Google search results.

Google uses advanced text-matching technology to display search results, displaying pages that are important and relevant to each search.

A link from page A to page B is interpreted as a vote from page A to page B. Votes cast by “important” pages will be rated higher and the pages that receive them will be considered important sites.

In other words, pages that get a lot of backlinks will also have a high SEO rating.

However, as we will see later, not all backlinks are evaluated.

What are SEO External Measures?

Measures to raise the rank in search results by increasing the number of backlinks from external sites are called SEO external measures.

Collecting as many backlinks as possible is an SEO external measure, but backlinks also have quality.

Of course, good backlinks are welcome, and even low-quality backlinks have an SEO effect.

However, please note that some malicious backlinks may lower the evaluation from search engines by being linked.

It is important to take external measures to collect high-quality backlinks, not just to collect backlinks.

However, it is not desirable to have only a few good backlinks to avoid malicious and low-quality backlinks.

Identify the backlinks that will be penalized and the backlinks that will not be penalized, and take SEO PBN Backlink external measures so that you can achieve both quality and quantity to some extent.

PBN Backlink Penalty

Then, if it is better to increase the number of backlinks from outside the site to the dark clouds, that is not the case.

In the past, SEO’s external measures aimed at raising the search ranking by creating a large number of backlinks from external sites have been actively taken.

Among them, there were many malicious examples such as creating a site with a large number of links and linking to it. This is called Black Hat SEO.

For black hat SEO, Google is also taking measures such as changing the algorithm of the search result, and on the contrary, it is announced that it will be subject to a penalty as an illegal backlink and the search ranking will be lowered.

Inappropriate external countermeasure methods are described in Google’s official search console help, so please do not take appropriate external countermeasures.

Examples of inappropriate backlinks

  • Buying and selling links
  • Mutual link
  • Automatically create a link to your site using tools, etc.
  • Although the link is from an advertisement, rel = ”nofollow” is not specified.
  • Keywords are unnaturally packed in the link wording of the press release.

How to increase Rank First Page SEO Guarantee

Then, I will explain how to increase the ranking first-page SEO guarantee by the number of backlinks that do not receive a penalty.

Create a Page Worth Quoting

In order to increase the number of backlinks from external sites, it is important to create pages that are worth quoting. For example, the following is an example.

  • Shows concrete and original data
  • It is clearly stated that it was written by a writer who has knowledge about the topic of the article.
  • Allegations and information provide clear evidence
  • The latest information
  • Images and illustrations are interwoven to make it easy to understand incorrect sentences.

Our SEO services first-page SEO guarantee 100% for every person who wants to rank first.

Utilize SNS

The spreading power of Facebook and Twitter is tremendous, and the use of SNS is indispensable for external measures of SEO.

To make it easier to share on SNS, be sure to install a button that you can share with one touch on your blog article.

It is also important to operate SNS by yourself and send out the latest articles and recommended articles. At that time, be sure to set OGP that can adjust the appearance when shared.

Utilize E-mail Newsletter

Introducing an article in an e-mail newsletter may increase the exposure of the article and lead to the acquisition of backlinks.

When operating the e-mail newsletter, we recommend that you also measure the opening and link clicks in the e-mail.

Deny malicious Backlinks

If Google determines that PBN backlinks are being collected by malicious SEO external measures, we will take measures to manually lower the ranking as a penalty.

This is called manual action, and you will be notified on the Google Search Console when this action is taken.

Once the ranking goes down, the ranking will stay down until you apply for a reassessment after taking action on the backlink.

You can investigate and invalidate malicious backlinks by following the steps below.

Get a list of backlinks from the “Links” report in the Google Search Console

From the domains in the backlink list, identify the domain that is causing the manual countermeasures.

Ask the administrator of the identified domain to remove the link or rel=”nofollow” add an attribute to the link

If the above response is not possible, deny the URL or domain from Google’s link denial tool.

Link Denial Tool

Use the denial tool to deny only clearly malicious backlinks such as spam and link pages. If you delete even valid backlinks, you may lower your search ranking.

By the way, there are some backlink check tools besides the Google Search Console.


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