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200 UK Directory Submission for SEO Link Building Local Citations


200 UK Directory Submission for SEO Link Building Local Citations

SEO UK Directory Submission is the organic positioning in searches, mainly in Google. Fighting to position a website to be among the first results is not easy and you always have to be willing to invest time and effort to evolve the site, because what worked yesterday does not always work today.

In this post, we want to address some of the SEO UK Directory Submission trends in 2022, with which you can continue to improve or at least maintain

The organic positioning of your website during the next year.

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Content and Video

One of the most recurring topics of SEO is “content is king”. Now, the content, if it has video, is even more important.

Currently one of the most relevant search engines is YouTube itself, where it is important to position the videos, doing what is known as VSEO.

Placing a video on a page is also important because it increases the time that users will spend on it.

At the same time, sometimes the search engine places the video in thumbnails on the results pages, which increases the conversion of the appearances in the SERPs.

In addition, many UK Directory Submission SEOs have experimented with placing videos on their pages and have been able to see how it improves their positioning naturally.

You can take a look at our post about SEO for Youtube.

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Limit link exchange

Link building is one of the most powerful techniques to achieve good positioning and we have known for a long time that it cannot be done in any way if we do not want to be penalized.

One of the most common practices is the exchange of links, however, Google has long been able to detect the links that correspond to exchanges.

We must be especially careful with this practice since it is said that it will begin to be penalized by 2022.

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Featured Snippets

One of the “Google brand” factors of recent years is to offer users enough information in the search engine itself so that they do not have to consult a specific website to obtain answers to their questions.

We will have seen it many times, for example with excerpts from Wikipedia or snippets (fragments) obtained from other websites.

Offering snippets within the search engine is something that has been widely criticized because it retains users on its pages instead of giving traffic to the websites from which it obtains the information, but the truth is that it is also favorable for SEO UK Directory Submission.

Thanks to these fragments, it is possible that they place our page in “position zero”, above other resources and with a more extensive summary of the content.

We can achieve this by adding lists and tables as well as a good content structure.

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Improve User Experience

Google has an algorithm capable of analyzing hundreds of factors that affect the user experience of websites.

Developers must worry about the so-called “Core Web Vitals”, that is, the parameters that Google uses to analyze the sites, so that they are usable and accessible from all types of devices.

To find any problems on the site it is important to keep an eye on the Search Console reports.

It is also important to increase techniques so that users spend more time on the site and click on internal links to consult other pages, among other factors so that Google’s RankBrain is able to understand that the site is valuable to users.

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Local SEO

Users frequently search for products or services that are close to them. If a search includes words like “in Madrid” or “from Spain”, Google also interprets this to offer users websites related to those geographical locations.

To improve local SEO UK Directory Submission we must start by creating the profile of the company in « Google My Business », and also encourage customers to send us their ratings.

Of course, it is important that on the website we include the address and content that includes the keywords of the place where we want to position ourselves.

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Website Accessibility

The accessibility of websites is an important factor so that they can be used by all types of users… and machines.

Not only does it help people with disabilities to be able to use the site without problems, but it really helps all users and the search engines that have to recognize it.

Therefore, Google values ​​accessible pages positively and it is one of the factors that will help improve SEO UK Directory Submission in 2022.

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Long Contents

It is proven that long content is more capable of retaining users and is shared more frequently.

For this reason, in 2022 we will continue to observe a trend that articles will increase their words to have greater possibilities of improving SEO 2022.

Of course, it is not about placing filler words, since Google is capable of interpreting the text and getting value from Its utility.

Also, it is important to create proper markup, including elements such as headings (H1, H2…), lists, and other HTML elements.

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Rich SERPs

SERPs are search engine results pages, that is, how Google shows the websites that it includes in searches.

For Google, SERPs are everything, since it is important that users consider their quality results.

Rich elements in SERPs can increase the conversion of appearances into clicks, so one trend we will continue to see in 2022 is the addition of elements that encourage Google to include images or videos from the site.

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In addition to the previous trends, we add the last one that brings together three characteristics that travel together when we talk about SEO UK Directory Submission:

EAT, Experience, Authority, Trust (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

These three characteristics of a site are important for the positioning of its content, especially with some of them such as medical, financial, etc.

To improve the EAT it is important that the articles are signed by people with relevant positions, have positive reviews of the articles, updated content, and, of course, get incoming links.

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