Mix Backlink 570+ Web 2.0, Edu, Pdf, Profile Forums, Wiki, BOOKMARK


Mix Backlink 570+ Web 2.0, Edu, Pdf, Profile Forums, Wiki, BOOKMARK

Following on from the last article about on-page, today I would like to write a story about off-page.

SEO Backlinks off-page refers to actions that can be taken from outside of your website to increase your search engine rankings. Common off-page SEO tasks can be viewed simply as backlinks, brand promotion, and social media activity.

Brand promotion and social media activities are broadly regarded as the same public relations activity.

The two related contents will be briefly described below, and the important issue to be addressed today will be about backlinks.

Why Off-Page SEO Backlinks Matters

What SEO Backlink pros value the most, of course, is probably the most important to Google rankings.

In fact, it is true that backlinks and Google rankings are clearly having an impact on search engine rankings.

And it is also recorded that Google is using page rank.

In other words, backlinks are a part of off-page SEO Backlink, and Google doesn’t say clearly whether backlinks have an effect or not, but it is clear that many websites linked on top of Google have backlinks.

It is also stated in the Google Quality Evaluator Guidelines that determining whether a site is trustworthy is greatly affected by the site’s false reputation.

Examples are expert evaluations of the keywords, authoritative news, or facts mentioned on wikipedia.

In the end, backlinks are the most important off page.

Brand Promotion

From now on, I want to talk about the underestimated part of off-page SEO Backlinks. That’s brand promotion. Naturally, by promoting my brand, a lot of people naturally come to my page.

It can be said that this is the most desired type of model by Google. Brands are a problem, not a solution. Depending on how you sort your brands, your website can be a completely different site.

If you have a brand, you need to check how many people are searching for it.

You can easily figure it out in Google Search Console.

For example, in the past 3 months, more than 40,000 people have searched for the brand, and after finding it, it is important to always check which method is more effective next time.

Use social media sites

The easiest method to use to collect huge attention and secondary links is to go up on several social media sites such as Facebook bookmarking backlink (in USA, there are examples such as large pages on SNS such as Facebook). will be It goes without saying that content and topicality are important to these sites, and attractive and captivating titles—appearances—are what attracts people .

Link to another site

By chatting with other blogs that deal with relevant topics, you can get the attention of those around you. To start a conversation, first connect yourself to the other person’s blog. The opposing blogger uses Technorati, etc. to find out about the existence of backlinks that are aimed at their own blog, and find out that their blog is on the topic there. If the topic is informative and interesting, the other blogger might give you an answer.

Communicate by e-mail

By communicating using mail or instant messages, you can establish and develop relationships with other social media users. Simply put, it’s about making connections. Those who might be of interest to those who are likely to be powerful link providers  such as famous bloggers, bookmarking, web 2.0 backlinks journalists, and well-known web forum participants related to their field of expertise; Build your network by writing a helpful email to them.

Contribute to another blog

If you contribute to another blog, you may be able to attach a profile to the content you have contributed, as well as link it to your own blog or site. When you have the opportunity to link to your own site, you should not write a monotonous introduction that simply describes the facts, but write an introduction that conveys the characteristics and strengths well to the reader. For example:

Bad example: USA, a marketing venture, operates a search engine specialized media called information.

Submit an article on the posting site

For the original article, a submission-type article directory called “Ezine Articles” is introduced, and by regularly posting to these sites, you increase the chances of your articles being exposed and acquire new readers, and at the same time, you can get high-quality backlinks after submitting. explaining that there is.

However, as it is written in the original text, with current SEO, the original text published on these sites is not highly evaluated, and it seems better to do it for the purpose of acquiring new readers rather than aiming at SEO Backlink.


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