Write Unique Product Description 300 Word With SEO Optimize


Write Unique Product Description 300 Word With SEO Optimize
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Write Unique Product Description 300 Word With SEO Optimize

If you have an online store, it is very likely that you have not worried too much about product descriptions. Most people copy manufacturers’ product descriptions or make descriptions too short, boring, or generic. But these descriptions are very important for two reasons: on the one hand, they affect the positioning of your products on Google and, on the other hand, they are your main selling point. So in this product, I am going to give you some tips to get the most out of these essential texts for your online store or buy from us with our best content writer for you.

Our Best Way to Write Product Descriptions

In the 4ouryou SMM Panel online digital store, the product descriptions begin by telling a story that appeals to the imagination of its customers…

The information is well structured so that you can easily find what you are looking for and they do not skimp on details.

They anticipate problems that may arise with the sizes or care by giving clear instructions within the product description itself.

The last thing is that your product rank on google easily as you see our product 90% rank on google and get customers easily.

What is the purpose of product descriptions?

When we buy online we do all the work ourselves. We lack the presence of a friendly salesperson who solves our doubts and explains why this product is perfect to solve our needs. That is the role of product descriptions in an online store, they replace the person who would do that job in a physical store.

At the beginning of my working life, my first jobs were precise as a salesperson/clerk in a toy store and a decoration store. For 6 years I perfected the perfect sales technique:

Being close when someone needed information, not in your face but available, easy to find.

Interpret the person in front of me in a matter of seconds to chameleonically adapt my language and my sales pitches and be able to explain the benefits of the product to the person in front of me.

It is a pleasure to be attended by someone who knows how to do this job that makes your purchase easier and is rewarded with the sale. I earned significant commissions that increased my salary considerably at the end of the month thanks to this skill.

In your online store, you have to do this work through the descriptions of your products. And luckily you won’t have to be a chameleon because in an online store your audience must be well defined and limited.

Tips for having product descriptions that sell

Consider your target audience:

There are a few questions that can help you understand your ideal clientele. Who is your target customer? What does that person need?  It can help you to delve into this by doing a survey of your existing customers.

100% original texts:

On your website and in your online store all the texts must be 100% original, copying text from another website is a serious mistake that is quite common. Never use the descriptions provided by the manufacturer as is because most dealers will do the same. Duplicate text is fatal for the positioning of your website. So use those manufacturer descriptions as inspiration but totally change the content.

Long enough text:

The recommended minimum of words would be 300 words to really help the positioning of your store. Google associates quality with quantity of text, so don’t be afraid to go a little deeper here, as long as the information you offer is useful.

Turn product features into benefits for your ideal clientele:

If your product is 100% recycled, that’s a feature. But if by buying it you are preventing trees from being felled or you are collaborating to recycle 20 plastic bottles. This is already a benefit for a person concerned about the environment.

Anticipate the usual drawbacks and problems and solve them:

Whenever we go to buy something we go with a series of drawbacks in our heads or problems that we deal with in our day-to-day. If they are already solved in the product description, the sale is guaranteed. For example, A nice mobile case for people with especially slippery hands prevents the screen from breaking for the umpteenth time but without losing the slightest style.

Educate your clientele:

The people who buy your products want to know more about the manufacturing process, and the materials… do not omit information that may interest them. This will also help you reach the minimum number of words necessary for SEO.

Makes reading easier by highlighting the most important aspects:

As we are talking about creating long texts. It makes it easier for the person to quickly scan the text to find what interests them by structuring. It is into sections with subtitles that make it clear what they are going to find in each of them. . This way, I can go to what interests me quickly.


Other people’s reviews are a very powerful sales argument, even more. So, if they include details of how they are enjoying the product and the benefits it has brought them.

Solve frequent questions:

If you tend to receive messages from potential customers asking the same questions. Solve them beforehand in the product description, this will save you a lot of work.

Give ideas on how your product can be used:

Describe different situations and ways of using your product that can connect with the people you are targeting:

Tell a story:

What story can spark the imagination of who is about to buy? What is the psychological need that can be hidden behind this product and what stories can activate them? Surprise, use a sense of humor, appeal to emotions

Optimize for search engines by entering keywords:

Don’t forget to choose a unique keyword for each product and enter it in the product title, description, and image tags. Using an SEO plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast will help you optimize product by product.


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