20000+ High Quality Blog Comments Backlinks Google Rank

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20000+ High Quality Blog Comments Backlinks Google Rank

Blog comment backlinks mean getting a link from an external page or site. Also known as “blog comment backlinks“.



20000+ High-Quality Blog Comments Backlinks Google Rank

Blog comment backlinks mean getting a link from an external page or site. Also known as “blog comment backlinks”.

However, the era of “If you get a lot of links, you will be ranked high in the search” is over, and now the quality of blog comment backlinks is being questioned. So how do you get the link to improve the SEO effect?

Here, we will explain the SEO effect of blog comment backlinks, how to check them, and how to deal with malicious blog comment backlinks.

The link is this article which was the theme, but I want to recommend it to the last, the link is checking.

If you have any concerns, such as a significant drop in your search ranking, try using the blog comment backlinks checker tool.

The blog comment backlinks check tool allows you to see where your website is receiving blog comment backlinks.

It’s a good idea to try it because you can find blog comment backlinks from poor-quality websites.

In order to collect a lot of natural links, which are useful blog comment backlinks, we should focus on creating rich content that can meet the needs of users.

Thinking about what users want and what information they want, I think this is an important axis for SEO.

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How to Check Blog Comment Backlinks

There are two ways to check blog comment backlinks.

You can extract the links on your site by using the following tools officially provided by Google.

  • Use a third-party tool

Blog comment backlinks can also be extracted with the following tools provided by other than Google.

Good link

There are good links and bad links. Keep in mind that Google will rate good links, and bad links may be downgraded and penalized.

A good link is, in a nutshell, a “link that the user puts in a natural way.”

For example, if your site’s text is highly specialized and reliable, it may be linked in the form of a citation from another site with a similar theme.

These links are naturally pasted and are not unnatural. Google appreciates these naturally posted links.

Other natural links include links from corporate to your service site and links from other companies or organizations that have a business connection. All of them are highly evaluated as natural links.

Bad link

What is a bad link? In fact, bad links are specified in Google’s guidelines. In other words, you won’t be penalized if you don’t link to bad links in these guidelines.

From here, I will explain in detail the bad links shown in the guidelines.

Purchased link

The link you purchased is definitely subject to a penalty. As mentioned above, if you put a link from another site, it will lead to Google’s evaluation, but it can not be increased intentionally.

There used to be a prevailing way to buy links from vendors that sell them and increase the apparent blog comment backlinks.

Purchased links used to make sense, but now Google’s algorithms have evolved and unnatural links can be spotted and penalized.

If you take a penalty, it may disappear from the search results instead of being displayed at the top of the search results, so please do not buy the link.

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Links from less relevant sites

Links from reliable sites that deal with the same subject are rated as quality links. On the contrary, be careful about links from less relevant sites.

For example, links from sites that simply list links for SEO purposes or link collection sites that also list links, in the same way, will not be evaluated by Google quality backlink.

This is because search engine crawl technology is currently developing, and search engines understand “in what context the link was made”.

Word Salad

The link from Word Salad is also a bad link and is not an SEO measure. Word salad is a site where words and sentences are automatically generated and arranged.

The text is clearly broken to the human eye, but old search engines couldn’t make that much judgment and regarded it as a “site with solid content.”

By getting links from such sites, we were raising Google’s reputation.

However, this method no longer works. Word salad is penalized and is not included in the search results.

No matter how many links you get from word salad, it’s completely meaningless as an SEO measure.

Hidden link

Hidden backlinks are a way to sneak links into your site. For example, a hidden link is a hidden link that is hidden from the user.

Such as putting a link with the same characters as the background color or reducing the font to a size that is almost invisible.

Older search engines were deceived because HTML contains sources that point to links, even if they are invisible to the human eye.

These actions are now well checked as spam. As a result, you may be penalized and excluded from the search results. Hidden links are typical of bad links, so be careful not to do so.

How to get Natural Blog Comment Backlinks

Create compelling content: Create content that you want to read. If the search ranking does not rise as expected.

The purpose is to take SEO measures, and content creation may be neglected. Keep an eye on your original purpose and focus on creating compelling content, and why you decided to create that website.

Understand user needs: Websites tend to stick to “what you want to send”.

If you want a lot of people to see it, it is important to send out the information that current users are looking for and the information that is required due to the nature of the site. Look as hard as you can to see if you are alone.

For example, if you search for a user’s search intent from related keywords or suggestion keywords, you should be able to see what is likely to be required of your website.

It is also effective to investigate SNS etc. to understand what users tend to worry about.

Devise a way to show the content: The easier the page is, the more likely you are to get blog comment backlinks.

Let’s review the current page and consider whether it can be read by more people depending on how it is shown.

For example, if you have only text, it is difficult to get blog comment backlinks even if it contains interesting content. Effective use of plates and photographs will make it easier to link.

Be aware of the amount of information that you can see at a glance, and consider whether there is a more effective way to show the content.

About link Scrutiny and Deletion

Even if you do not currently implement artificial link measures, malicious links may be posted because they were implemented in the past or links were set up without permission from the outside.

Even if it is not intended by the publisher, it will be a penalty if you get malicious blog comment backlinks above a certain standard.

You need to check the status of blog comment backlinks on your site on a regular basis.

The process of classifying links posted on your site in this way is called “link scrutiny.”

For SEO, it is desirable to ask the installer to delete the artificial link found as a result of scrutiny.

If that’s difficult, you can ask Google not to take certain links into account when evaluating your site, which we call “link denial.”

If your site is in the following state, you may consider link scrutiny/denial.

  • In the past, we had artificial link measures
  • The ranking dropped significantly even though there was no change inside the site
  • Clearly lower ranking than competing sites with similar content
  • Reference (external site): Deny blog comment backlinks-Search console help
  • If you want to know more about link scrutiny, this article is recommended.

What is an inbound link (External link/Blog comment backlinks)?

Blog comment backlinks are links that are set up from an external website to the target website page.

Although it is sometimes called an external link or blog comment backlink, in this article, it is unified as “blog comment backlinks”.

Why blog comment backlinks are important in SEO

The reason why Google attaches great importance to blog comment backlinks as a measure of search ranking.

This is because search engines cannot fully understand the quality of content. Blog comment backlinks are used as a measure of the value of web content, based on the idea that many links are placed on content that is valuable to the user.

This is in the background of the idea of ​​citation in academic treatises.

In the academic world, high-quality treatises are often referred to by other researchers and are cited in numerous treatises.

Therefore, a treatise with many citations is evaluated as a good treatise.

The same is true for blog comment backlinks on the web. The higher the quality of the site or page, the more citations and introductions will be made to other sites, and the number of links will increase.

As a result, the idea was that “a page with many blog comment backlinks is a good page”, and it is used as an evaluation standard for ranking.

Did the value of the blog comment backlinks decrease?

In recent years, the importance of content has been criticized, and it has been said that the value of blog comment backlinks has decreased.

It is sometimes said that the content of the page and the number of characters are more important than the blog comment backlinks.

However, search engines cannot evaluate the content like humans, so even if the content is interesting and novel to the user, it cannot understand its value.

In such cases, the “quality of content judged by humans” can be included in the evaluation by combining the evaluation by blog comment backlinks. Therefore, blog comment backlinks are still important.

Understand the major premise of blog comment backlinks

I don’t think it’s a difficult theory to say, “If you get a link from the outside, access will increase.” But now, even if you get a lot of links, that doesn’t mean you’ll be in the top of the search.

Now is the time when the “quality” of links is being questioned. Let’s go back to the basic premise of what the concept of blog comment backlinks is.

Vote for trust

Why do people put links in the first place? It’s probably because you want other people to see the page or the site.

The act of “linking” is to show that “there is information to read” after scrutinizing and trusting the contents of the content.

So to speak, a link is a “vote of trust”. Acquiring blog comment backlinks is nothing more than “acquiring the trust of others.” To get blog comment backlinks is to get a lot of trust votes.

Naturally, the page is more likely to appear higher in the search.

If you determine that you have a lot of trusted pages, your domain will be more valuable. In addition, you can create a good flow of the following links to make web pages easier to detect.

Acquiring blog comment backlinks has the advantage of “increasing SEO effect, improving domain power and crawling ability”.

Acquisition of inflow

Acquiring blog comment backlinks not only increases the number of people who come to your web page due to the link but it can also be ranked high in the search and lead to an influx of searches by various keywords.

However, the number of blog comment backlinks is not the only factor. blog comment backlinks are one of the many ranking factors in search engines.

If it is judged to be reliable, the site may be ranked high even if the number of blog comment backlinks is small.

Conversely, even if the number of blog comment backlinks is large, it is difficult for the site to be ranked high if it is judged to be unreliable.

On the contrary, depending on the content of the blog comment backlinks, the search ranking may even drop.

Again, if you go back to the basic premise I mentioned earlier, it’s not difficult to understand. blog comment backlinks are “votes of trust.”

Keep in mind that masquerading blog comment backlinks that haven’t been voted for trust will rather have a negative impact on your site.

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There may be many links in the footer of your website. Avoid receiving bad backlinks, as these websites may be penalized. Don’t forget the basics that unnatural links have a negative effect.

Being able to link to the content that your users need is a useful blog comment backlink for your website.

Strengthen Expertise

The information on the web is a mixture of boulders, The more specialized information the user can feel at ease, the more he/she can recommend it to others.

If you open up the field of “this information is second to none”, the number of blog comment backlinks will naturally increase and the possibility of becoming a top searcher will increase.

Now that blog comment backlinks have changed from quantity to quality, it will be more and more necessary to improve our expertise.

If you can dig deeper with expertise not found on other sites, you should be able to vote for trust. Useful primary information that no one knows yet is even more valuable.

Be aware of How to Deliver Content

It’s not just the content that matters in blog comment backlinks. “How do you see it in the eyes of users?” Is also important.

Will it be searched, notified by email, or sent via SNS? Being aware of “how to deliver content” makes it easier to connect to blog comment backlinks.

Do you want them to be linked as “articles that everyone is paying attention to” or as “articles that everyone in the know knows”?

There are various methods. From the opposite standpoint, think about “when do you want to link” and promote your web content.


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