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This is just an emails list fresh 2021 database. We give you Amazon User Email Database List Fresh 2021. We also offer various email lists of USA, UK, Canada, United Arab, Australia. Consumers that can help you grow your business. We are working hard to include only the highest quality details.



This is just an Emails List of the Amazon database

We give you Amazon User Email Database List Fresh. We also offer various email lists of the USA, UK, Canada, United Arab, and Australia. Consumers that can help you grow your business. We are working hard to include only the highest-quality details.

Just as there are different email addresses for different countries from the email database, there are also specific emails for different marketplaces.

Since Amazon is a very big marketplace, there are certain email allocations for the user. Anyone can get a UK 110k Amazon user email list through this service.

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100k Amazon email list

Amazon Email Marketing Trends: 10 Ideas

Amazon Email marketing is an important tool to inform the customer about offers, new products, or special campaigns.

Over time, technical developments and changes in user behavior take place that forces us to adapt marketing strategies.

Many of the trends featured in the article are probably familiar to you already, a sign that they are common with increasing importance.

Other methods such as A/B tests or mobile web optimization are so recurrent in the field of newsletters that they no longer even need to be clarified.

Roughly speaking, this year’s email marketing trends are focused on motivating the reader and challenging him with new ideas.

Currently, the most important task faced by newsletters is to provide the user with useful content and an original advertising message.

Due to data protection, new challenges always appear. For this reason, new ways must be found to avoid intervening in the private sphere of users.

  • Accessibility

Do not forget that among the recipients of your newsletter there may be blind people.

These people often use screen readers, a type of software that can access the content on the screen and read it aloud.

In order for these screen readers to present the content of your newsletter, they must understand it as text.

Avoid displaying content only in graphics and, in HTML newsletters, also use alt text to explain the content of the image in words.

When creating a newsletter, follow the same advice as to when designing accessible web pages :

  • Clear presentation of the text with white spaces
  • Color contrast and restricted use of shades
  • Correct HTML formatting
  • alt text suitable for the image
  • Easily recognizable buttons and links

The accessibility of the newsletter can also refer to the type of language used. Not all mail recipients know foreign words or are able to read complex compound sentences.

If next to the source text, you include a text for easy reading, you will be actively promoting inclusion.

  • Dark Mode

The dark mode, also known as dark mode, is gaining more and more followers both on desktop devices and on smartphones and tablets.

With this mode, the screen is presented in dark colors. Many users prefer it this way for the eyes, especially when they are in a dark space.

For added convenience, dark mode settings can even be programmed, so users have a light display during the day that switches to dark mode at night.

For marketers, this trend is a challenge: the newsletter must be attractive in both light and dark modes.

Depending on the mail client, the background of the dark mode can be black or dark gray, while the text is displayed in white.

However, this only works with real text. If you include images in the newsletter that blend perfectly with the white background. They can clash in dark mode and even be uncomfortable for the eyes.

  • Automation

Although automation is not a new trend in Amazon email marketing, it is becoming increasingly important.

It is no longer enough to plan and send a message once a week, but now automation must respond to consumer behavior.

In this way, accompany them in their purchase decisions.

Effective newsletter automation works through triggers (customer actions). Depending on the behavior of the clients, a type of automatic mail is sent to them.

A simple trigger could be a customer signing up for the newsletter or completing a purchase. After which the customer receives an automatic confirmation message.

But the automation process can become more complex if you build chains and let them branch out.

For example, you can send different automated messages depending on whether the customer opened the last newsletter or sent it directly to the trash. Likewise, email automation also allows perfect control of A/B tests.

Thanks to this resource, two different objectives are achieved at the same time:

On the one hand, it is possible to react to each user in a more personalized and faster way.

Since it allows the client to be sent a previously prepared email based on their online behavior in real-time.

On the other hand, automation saves resources, since less time and fewer staff are required to carry out an effective email marketing strategy.

  • Personalization

The personalization of emails, closely related to automation, is another email marketing trend that is becoming increasingly important.

For the messages sent to achieve the desired effect, they must be tailored to the recipient as much as possible.

It is no longer enough to include the customer’s last name correctly in the header, but also to discover who is hiding behind the email address and adapt the content accordingly.

Now more than ever it is possible to access a lot of customer-related data and even when this data cannot be assigned to individual people. It provides a good overview of the target audience.

Likewise, with automation it is possible to react directly to the behavior of customers: confirmation emails are sent to them after purchase.

They are answered when searching for products, they are congratulated on their birthday, they are given discount vouchers, etc.

It is also recommended to contact customers only when necessary and send them relevant content.

There is no point in sending information about upcoming computer accessory discounts to a user interested in new console games.

In other words, you cannot put all customers in the same bag, so it is recommended to design different lists based on the different characteristics of each group.

  • User-Generated Content

Another possibility of creating a personalized newsletter is to include content generated by the users themselves (customers or buyers).

The most common method puts customer reviews prominently in emails.

Presenting a good review of your products or services at the beginning of the newsletter gives a good first impression to readers and captures their attention.

Readers are also interested in more detailed reviews, which are more believable than traditional advertising messages.

Another way to include user-generated content in Amazon email marketing follows two steps: With surveys, you get to engage your users while you can collect data of interest.

In the first email, the newsletter encourages user participation. In the following, the information already analyzed can be presented.

  • Interactive Content

Another of the Amazon email marketing trends for 2022 is interactive content, which allows users to interact with it while they are reading.

Behind this lies the concept of gamification, that is, inserting elements of the game into the mail that challenge the reader.

This resource is effective when the user feels a sense of success, even if the only reward is to overcome the challenge.

Another type of incentive is to reward him with small gifts such as coupons.

But interactive content does not always have to resemble a game:

The user’s interest increases at the moment in which some elements with which to interact are introduced.

For example, different tabs can be inserted through which the visitor can click on an offer.

It has also been verified that surveys that are completed directly in the mail show very good results.

With this, you win by two because, on the one hand. You collect very interesting data and, on the other, you attract attention to the content of the email.

  • Plain Text Emails

Although interactive and elaborate content is one of the most important Amazon email marketing trends in 2022.

It is recommended to use it in the design of newsletters, the opposite trend is also observed: Some experts return to plain text emails and so on.

They ensure that all users can view them as they have been designed.

For example, users do not have to download graphics. With plain text, there are also no dark mode challenges to worry about.

However, if the most important design options are not used to attract the user’s attention, it is necessary to convince them in another way.

Write a quality text that catches the readers and conquers them and that in the best of cases gets a call to action.

For this type of newsletter, brevity is paramount, since large blocks of text tend to scare readers away. Another option to make reading more enjoyable is to include lists.

In addition to ensuring a correct presentation of the content, a plain text email offers more advantages.

Newsletters of this type are cheap and quick to produce. While for newsletters with more graphic complexity it is necessary to hire designers or photographers, simple texts can be easily produced.

In certain circumstances, your emails can even stand out from the rest, since most newsletters tend to have a different look. This way you will get the desired attention.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being used more and more frequently in fields outside of computing.

For this reason, apart from the great giant Google, other smaller companies are also betting on both artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It is for this reason that another of the most current trends in email marketing is to integrate artificial intelligence in the creation and dissemination of newsletters.

With an artificial intelligence system, a series of calculations are made that make it possible.

For example, to discover the best time to send information to customers.

This type of system not only allows to determine the habits of a specific group but in theory. It can also discover the optimal period of time for each client.

It is also possible to apply it in the writing of the email subject, which determines whether the reader opens it or not. In fact, it goes one step further.

From the large amount of information that an artificial intelligence system can manage, it is also possible to make predictions.

  • Data Protection and Privacy

Although it is not a trend in itself, it must be mandatory for each and every one of the marketing companies.

We find a point to which special attention must be paid: data protection in relation to artificial intelligence.

It is true that it is not a new term, but rather an old one, given that data protection has been, is, and will be an essential element in marketing.

All personal data greatly facilitates the work of Internet advertisers, especially when combined with artificial intelligence.

However, you have to stay within the legal framework, otherwise, in the worst case, you lose the trust of future customers.

With the General Data Protection Regulation (RGDP) companies must comply with strict regulations regarding the processing of personal data.

Mainly, it is established that clients must give their consent for the collection of their data. Using the information only for the purpose that has been exposed to them.

That is to say: the data provided by a client in a purchase process must not be used for an advertising purpose, since the explicit consent for it is lacking.

In addition, you have to make sure that the data does not fall into unauthorized hands.

A large number of documentation and information obligations are also required:

The data that is saved must be documented much more precisely along with its purpose, which must also be communicated to the user. If they wish, proceed to delete all your collected data.

Important for many companies is also the point that is hidden under “privacy by default” which states the technical settings for the collection of personal data.

Must be as restrictive as possible and only after the explicit approval of the client is possible to share your data.

For email marketing, this means that it is necessary to treat the data with even more transparency and to have greater responsibility for it. In Mexico, there are other consumer protection measures.

The Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties ( LFPDPPP ) stands out, which came into force on June 5, 2010. Applies to all those who deal with personal data in their professional activity.

It is intended to protect individuals from the treatment that others make of their personal data, allowing them to exercise their ARCO rights.

Summary: Trends in Sending Newsletters

Amazon Email marketing trends in 2022 focus on continuing to develop the elements that were available until now.

There is still much to be gained from automation and individualization when combined with artificial intelligence.

The same goes for email submissions where interactive content will further engage readers.

For all these reasons, it is recommended to be very attentive to what the future brings both in the presentation and in the choice of content of emails in the field of marketing.

In addition, it seems that the content of the newsletters once again acquires central importance.

Fewer and fewer customers are being swayed by superficial content. So use compelling stories that showcase your company’s values ​​to grab the attention of your target audience.

To stand out for authenticity, you can include User Generated Content.

Likewise, the way in which users’ personal data is processed is becoming increasingly important.

Users have already faced negative experiences in the past. In terms of protecting their data and in the way they were “bombarded” by sending newsletters as customers.

Therefore, in the coming years, a great sense of responsibility will have to be maintained not only in data protection but also in the creation and presentation of content.


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