Create, Manage or Optimize Your Google Ads Run PPC

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Create, Manage or Optimize Your Google Ads Run PPC

Businesses use Google Ads to place text, image, and video ads that increase website traffic and potentially bring in more customers.

Let’s watch a terrific 2-minute summary video that will help you better understand the basics before diving into what Google Ads (previously Adwords) is and how it functions.

Perfect! We may now delve deeper into Google Ads’ operation. The optimum AdWords campaign structure is covered in full in another post of ours.

Text advertisements are the most prevalent and can be seen above and below the results. Images and videos are next in popularity.

Millions of companies, big and small, offering all sorts of services and/or products, use text advertisements as a client acquisition channel. Text ads make up about 20% of all clicks on any given search.

Create, Manage or Optimize Your Google Ads Run PPC

The King of Inbound and Outbound Marketing is Google Ads

When a user searches for our product or service on Google, that is inbound marketing (or other internet search engines).

The other type of marketing, known as outbound marketing, involves promoting a service or product that a business provides without the user specifically asking to see it. This type of marketing includes things like sending postcards and showing YouTube videos or image ads on social media or other websites that are popular with a certain group of people.

Beginning with inbound marketing (ads on Google)

Search engine advertising, or as we already know, so-called “inbound marketing,” is the most well-known aspect of Google Ads. So let’s begin exploring the intriguing realm of the text advertisements for Google that are displayed at the top of search results.

Everything begins with a Google search for anything at all.

The primary components of AdWords, as Google Ads was formerly known, are the so-called keywords. When a Google user puts in those terms and clicks on the ad, the advertiser will pay for those keywords or terms. Any query can be entered into Google, such as “purchase shoes,” “directions to a restaurant,” or “watch a video of La Macarena.”

When a user inputs a phrase and clicks on the ad, the advertiser is paid. Advertisers develop lists of words that signal purchase intent for their goods or services.

The bet is on phrases that show a desire to get something and often start with the verb “to buy.”

An example of a word you might wager on for a shoe store is “purchase stylish shoes.”

Google then compares the keywords included in the campaigns of Google AdWords advertisers with the terms present in the search.

If the search terms match a keyword, Google’s algorithm will look at the bid and quality score for that keyword in the advertiser’s AdWords account.

Since there is only room for six ads total—four above the results and two below—the algorithm will select the six keywords with the highest combinations of bid and quality score and display the related ads.

The user now has a choice, or more precisely, he has 17 choices, or 17 results, from the search’s first page (19 if it is a search with local intent). 4 text ads appear at the top of the page, followed by 3 local results if Google determines that the search has a local intent, 10 organic results, and maybe another 3 text ads at the bottom.

Because there is so much competition to be in the top 10 organic results, Google AdWords (the top four results) is a great way for both big and small businesses, no matter what they sell or offer, to get traffic.

Below are examples of two different types of advertisements: a well-done one with extensions that completely fill the area provided.

A well-done advertisement is less expensive because more people click on it and Google rewards it by reducing the cost.

Let’s keep on with the picture advertising.

Great, we already know about text adverts from Google! Let’s now examine picture advertising, which provides a highly intriguing and lucrative alternative for the majority of industries and businesses, regardless of their scale.

You are reading your preferred newspaper online when, all of a sudden, an image next to the story catches your eye. The so-called Google Adverts picture ads are these.

However, have you ever clicked on an image ad that you saw on a website you visited? Your response must be a resounding no.

Data and reality show how important it is to make text and visual ads that are specifically made for our audience.

If we want our ad to be relevant, we must instruct Google to place it on websites that our customers visit or in articles that discuss our product or service.

As an illustration, if we own a gardening business, we might instruct Google to place the photographs on websites that market gardening supplies, as well as in blogs and articles that are pertinent to our field. This will increase the relevance of my image and the likelihood that users will click on it.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that, similar to text ads.

We suggest reading a post where we go step-by-step in great depth if you want to learn more and understand how to execute a successful picture ad campaign in Google Ads. How to build successful picture advertising can be read by clicking here.

The user then accesses the web to make a purchase.

The user now has the opportunity to purchase the advertiser’s goods or services when they click on the text or image advertisement.

As a result, Google Ads become a channel with a positive return and, as a result, a crucial channel for any company’s marketing plan if the cost of clicks, divided by the revenue they generate, is higher than the advertiser’s sales margin. business.

It is crucial to continuously optimize campaigns to provide the best outcome. The only company that provides a free plan is Kolau, which has one of the most potent auto-optimization engines available.

The website needs to be set up so that as many Google Ads clicks as possible turn into paying customers.

A good corporate landing page offering QR codes on wood is an example.

In conclusion, Google Ads are unquestionably a fantastic channel for acquiring customers, and because it is highly profitable for the vast majority of businesses and industries, it is a crucial source of website traffic.

By studying the digital marketing course, you may also learn how to increase web traffic.


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