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What Is F-Commerce

What is F-Commerce? The Concept of F-Commerce F-Commerce could be a variant of e-commerce that features a rather peculiar feature. It’s a sort of electronic commerce that revolves around the social network Facebook. For many, he is regarded as the best representative of what is known as social commerce, owing to his employment with the …

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What Is Favicon

What is a Favicon? A Favicon could be a terribly tiny part that seems to us, all together, we have a tendency to use the online (the net) browsers that we use. This is often the icon that seems within the browser tabs once we enter any website, distinguishing it and indicating the user’s United …

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What Is Faqs

What are the FAQ Frequently Asked Questions? The Faqs, a term for commonly asked queries (Frequently Asked Questions), section during which the most common queries in reference to a selected product, service, or topic are gathered. Most web content that provides services typically has a corner of this sort for users to access and directly …

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What Is Fan Page

What is an Acquaintance Fan Page? A Fan Page or Facebook Page could be a section created at intervals on the social network to act as a means of communication for the whole with its fans or followers through it. Currently, it’s the most common means of interaction between corporations and shoppers on Facebook. A …

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What Is Facebook

What is Facebook? Facebook may be a social network created by people and designed to connect people. It’s one of the pioneers in this sector, one of the primary platforms to achieve the web so as to facilitate communication between users from everywhere on the planet, share info, and phone distant relatives, friends, or acquaintances. …

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What Is Event

What is an Associated Event? An event is an associated activity of a social nature that sometimes contains a sure projection at the general public level and, therefore, arouses the interest of an explicit sector associated with the theme or the explanation of why it’s celebrated. It’s a sort of act that sometimes has a …

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