What is Visual Identity in Social Networks?

What is Visual Identity in Social Networks?

What is visual identity in social networks?

Visual identity is a set of visual elements through which you recognize a brand. Visual identity works great in social networks and its competent construction has become an increasingly important part of large blogs in recent times.

That’s why we decided to figure out what’s included in the visual identity and how it works in social networks!

What is included in a visual identity?


Naming in social networks is an important element when working with the audience. It may seem that this is not so important, but competent naming can be the key to the successful future of any account. Naming should be:


Reflecting the essence of your content or your personally


Keep in mind that although the account name can be changed in the future, it’s often extremely disadvantageous. That’s why it is worth considering in advance what effect your name causes, as well as how future potential advertisers will perceive it.


In social networks, a blog avatar can be considered as its logo and face. Your avatar should be easily recognizable and readable. It should stand out from the background of others, and, if possible, reflect the essence of your blog.

Also, don’t forget about all kinds of blog headers and other types of visual design that differ depending on the social network. It’s important to make sure that a potential subscriber quickly understands the essence of your content, and for this, you need to work with the “face” of the blog.

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The color palette and visual style

In social networks, the color palette plays a rather important role. When working with content, it’s recommended to choose the visual style and colors that you will use as often as possible. This will help you become recognizable by one cover, photo, icon, and so on.

If you consistently use one style of visual design, your subscribers and potential audience will get used to it and begin to separate your publications from competitors’ publications in a second.


It’s important to use one font when working with publications because it’s also an important part of your visual style. If possible, you should choose a font that reflects the mood of your blog or its essence. Don’t forget to also use the same font inside posts and videos.

And don’t forget that the text should be easy to read. The font shouldn’t be too difficult to read, and the color of the font should be contrasting with the background.

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How is the visual identity used in social networks?

The main thing is that the identity in social networks allows you to distinguish your blog from the blog of competitors at one glance. This will allow potential and new subscribers to remember you in their feed faster, and allow old subscribers to purposefully find your content among others.

It’s important to use a single style for the entire blog, that is, the avatar should not differ stylistically from the design of publications, and so on. This will take your blog to a higher and more professional level.

Also, the more unique and eye-catching style is, the more likely it’s to be noticed by the casual social media user.

Remember that your visual identity is with you for a long time, so you need to carefully and efficiently approach its development.

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