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What Is Linkedin Good For Today And How I Want To Use It Tomorrow

What Is Linkedin Good For Today And How I Want To Use It Tomorrow

What Is Linkedin Good For Today And How I Want To Use It Tomorrow

Question is that what is Linkedin is an integrator of professional networks so that, when you invite someone you know to connect and the invitation is accepted, you automatically have access to the contacts of said professional.

This is very important because you can explore in which sectors, functional areas, companies and even what positions they have, the contacts of those you know that you have invited to be part of your network.

The possibilities of implementing networking actions, and doing it effectively, multiply as many times as contacts you know are part of your direct contacts. This is how Linkedin works and makes it easier for you to achieve your professional goals.

The function of your first level of relationship is thus to “open doors” on the second level, which we call the level of opportunities. Therefore, invite everyone you know to connect, because that is their fundamental value, whether or not they work in your sectors of interest.

The objective of this platform is not the accumulation of contacts, but ” to create new relationships that bring you closer to your professional goals”, be they employment or business. The creation of “flesh and bone” relationships, not just virtual ones, is one of the keys that make the difference between good use and bad use of Linkedin. Linkedin SMM Panel services.

I opened a LinkedIn account the first week I landed in Spain about 13 years ago. Since then I have been accumulating thousands and thousands of contacts. In an initial phase, I did it without filtering too much for quality but simply had the thought of “more is better”.

What Is Linkedin Good For Today And How I Want To Use It Tomorrow

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Benefit that LinkedIn brings me today

This post can give the feeling that I am very involved in LinkedIn. I would rather say the opposite. My use is indirect. LinkedIn is a channel that gives me a lot of visibility without doing much, to be honest. It is all the work I have done years ago that is now bearing fruit.

I appear in many profile searches. In the past, I have also been posting for a while which among my contacts has positioned me for certain topics.

Today I get leads without having to do much. They simply contact me and ask me for a proposal. It seems too good to be true but it is true. It’s also true that I’m at a stage in my professional career where everything I touch seems to get ahead. I surprise myself. I don’t want to relax too much because it’s dangerous to think this way.

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The use I want to give it tomorrow

Using it in a way, I can squeeze even more of everything I’m doing. I’m thinking of giving someone on my team access to post content related to selling on Amazon through my profile. It is a great subject in which I want to position myself. It is where my team and I can contribute the most value. Our most powerful customer account invoices 30 million euros a year. Our own will approach one million euros in 2021. I think that with this we already have a certain advantage over others who do the same.

I want LinkedIn to also be a channel to generate contacts for future collaborators and/or workers. If we are not connected yet, I take this opportunity to invite you to do so. Here I leave you my profile. Who knows what tomorrow may come out of here.

LinkedIn is a machine to generate leads for your business if you put it to good use. I am not even touching the point of the iceberg and it is already giving me something. In the future, I will multiply this effect. It’s a plan, you know me, I’m always with many topics although I usually carry them out….

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