The Top 3 Free SSL Certificate Lifetime Web Hosting Websites

The Top 3 Free SSL Certificate Lifetime Web Hosting Websites

A few days after we wrote our previous review, we were faced with an insomniac challenge: the Free SSL Certificate Lifetime for one of our projects had expired, and our tech team spent several hours trying to fix it (thank God, it did…with a lot of effort). This is what made us think…

A2 Hosting

is a hosting company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan (now you understand why it’s called A2 Hosting!)

This hosting caught our eye a long time ago, and its presence in more than one list of the best hosts excited us to try it, and we were about to add it to our (unbiased) review of the 3 best web hosting for the year 2023, had it not been for the number (3) that seems more attractive in Headlines!

Although it has been in the hosting service provider market since 2001, it is not the most popular name, and we believe that this is an advantage rather than a defect, how? Some of the big players tend to focus on flashy marketing and not on the things that really matter, which is a solid infrastructure and hosting environment. The two things that A2 Hosting focuses on.


Free offsite backups

Grab yourself a cup of coffee, then ask an information security professional about the importance of backups. In the technical world , coffee will help you focus until the end of his endless talk!

Backups have always saved website administrators’ lives, but the problem is that some hosting companies charge for this service, but – certainly – not A2 Hosting, which not only offers this service for free, but also allows you to automate the process of creating local backups (i.e. copying your site and its databases to your computer.

Money Back Guarantee…Anytime!

Like any hosting, A2 Hosting offers a full refund guarantee during the first month of your reservation for one of its plans, but what is unique here is that you have the right to refund the amount paid – proportionate to the remaining period of the hosting period – in the event that you wish to cancel a long-term plan (a year or more). This is something unique among the best web hosting providers. In the vast majority of cases, once the money-back guarantee period (30-45 days) expires, you will not be entitled to any refund for the premature termination of Services.

Free SSL Certificate Lifetime

SSL certificates have always been reserved for e-commerce platforms , but a few years ago, Google ranked websites with an encrypted connection (in other words: those with an SSL certificate) higher than those without. The popular search engine considers encryption important enough to display warnings whenever you browse a non-encrypted site!

All A2 shared hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate. Best of all, it’s ready to use right away. You don’t have to worry about installing or renewing it.

Free transfer from other hosts

Along with free backups, a free SSL certificate, and anytime refunds, A2 Hosting makes it possible to transfer your site from any other host..for free.

All you need to do is sign up for A2 , book the plan you want, and then ask the tech support team to transfer all your data from your previous hosting company. This saves a lot of time and effort and usually protects your site from downtime. Until the process is completed, your site will be loaded from the old hosting servers.

Once everything is copied to A2 and tested successfully, you can seamlessly switch hosts by modifying the NameServers in your domain.

The main advantage of moving your site with technical support – besides saving time – is the added technical expertise: moving sites from one server to another is not like copying a file from one folder on your computer to another. Most of the time, the servers of the two hosting companies are different in terms of their settings. Our technical support team understands these differences and can troubleshoot problems so that your site runs smoothly and without any glitches.


Turbo Booster isn’t for everyone!

You may stand speechless when you read about the (Turbo Booster) in the hosting database , which is – for those who don’t know it – an additional improvement that enables servers to load your site pages up to 20 times faster!

But with some research, we discovered that this feature is only included in the largest hosting plans: PLATINUM .

Is this misleading marketing? Probably!

The hosting plan for beginners is a bit limited

The smallest plan offered by A2 Hosting is relatively limited: it allows its user to host one website, no more than 5 databases and 25 mailbox addresses. And compared to other hosting companies, this is not the best value for money!

Scala hosting

Haven’t you heard of this company before? And we were! But after we contacted tech support, and asked them for some info (plus real-time performance monitoring, weeks of surveying and studying the company’s shared hosting), we have to admit: Scalahosting is going to be one of the hosting giants sooner rather than later!

Unlike most competitors, Scalahosting invests more in research and development and less in marketing. The result is some solid shared plans and possibly the best value VPS plans on the market.


Unique security level

The company’s main feature here is its suite of security solutions, codenamed ‘SShield’, Scalahosting boasts that its suite is capable of blocking 99.998% of attacks. How?

The package monitors its customers’ locations 24/7. In addition to including a database of known malware, the security system uses machine learning to detect unknown threats. This gives it a much better chance of stopping any attacks before they become a serious problem.

Another great advantage of the system is that it gives you plenty of time to fix any malicious activity (in case the server hosting your site is infected). Instead of shutting down your website immediately, it will send you a detailed report to fix the problem. You may think that it is a feature available in all hosting, but I regret to say: You are wrong! We have come across hosting companies who, in such cases, panic and shut down the site as soon as they become aware of the malware. It’s great to find a company like Scalahosting: only taking appropriate action rather than causing needless harm.

Free domain name ( Free SSL Certificate Lifetime Inlcuded )

Scalahosting allows users who book for 6 months to get a domain name at no additional cost. On average, a domain name is worth $10-15, so you’re saving a few bucks here. It is worth noting that this option is not available in all plans, but it is necessary to choose the Advanced plan to benefit from it.

It’s easy to have your own virtual server (VPS)!

You can get your own virtual server (VPS) for only two dollars a month in addition to the Advanced plan . You don’t have to subscribe any longer to get the best price, you can get the full value even if you choose to pay monthly.

Experience hosting features for only 99 cents!

One of the features that we liked about Scalahosting hosting is the option to pay $0.99 for a one-month trial of any shared hosting plan (to avoid the risk of renewing the subscription after the refund guarantee period).


Small knowledge base

What is the first thing you do when you encounter a problem? If “head to FAQ section” is your answer, then I’m sorry to say that Scalahosting falls short in this regard: the FAQ section only covers 80 FAQs in all, and many of the answers are rather short.

Insufficient description of services

It goes without saying that this is a form of misleading marketing, as the company is not hiding any obvious problems. The only problem is that some of their services lack a good explanation.

For example, there is no mention of (backups) on the “Standard” web hosting page, given that the description of ( WordPress plan ) includes talking about daily backups! When we contacted technical support, we received an explanation that all hosting plans include daily backups, with each copy saved for a week. This may be a rather small problem, however, we have to mention it.


Can we skip the introductions this time? BlueHost is well known!


Loyal open apps friend

Since its inception, Bluehost has been dedicated to giving back to the online community. The company is an official WordPress supporter.

The company has an amazing team of developers working towards improving more than 80 open source applications. And they all work best when hosted on Bluehost’s servers. These applications include content management systems, e-commerce platforms, blogging platforms, customer management systems, and more.

Excellent options for e-commerce

Bluehost’s robust infrastructure supports e-commerce activities very well, because of their ratings/catalog system, online stores tend to be more “heavy” than other sites, but Bluehost’s servers don’t have a problem with that.

Free SSL Certificate Lifetime

Bluehost offers all accounts free Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate Lifetime, and it installs automatically, without the need for manual modifications and the possibility of human error.


Moving from other hosts…it will cost you dearly!

If you have a website hosted elsewhere that you want to transfer to Bluehost, you will have to pay. Unless you have the technical know-how to move your cPanel account completely and troubleshoot potential incompatibilities, you’ll have to pay $144.99.

These fees are among the highest we’ve seen in the hosting world! Not to mention the fact that many hosting companies (such as A2 Hosting) offer this service for free.

No monthly billing system

How much does it cost to book hosting with Bluehost per month? It doesn’t really matter, because you can’t pay for one month! The shortest term you can book is 12 months. This probably isn’t an issue considering building a website is a long-term investment, but it’s still strange that the company didn’t offer a trial period.

Unreasonable renewal fees

Just like all hosting companies, Bluehost’s pricing policy is to attract new customers with very low fees. Until it’s time to renew, the fees go up exponentially: Plan 2 from shared plans doubles, and Plan 3 triples.