Social Media Marketing Facebook, Instagram SMM Trends

Social Media Marketing Facebook, Instagram SMM Trends

Social Media Marketing Facebook, Instagram SMM Trends

Social networks are developing non-stop, and their role in the life of every modern person is growing almost daily. And today we will analyze the main SMM trends in 2022 and where modern social networks are heading.

In this regard, the modern user of social networks begins to pay less and less attention to the proposed content. That’s why the popularity of fast videos such as Stories or content that is aimed at quickly delivering information has been growing in recent years.

Nowadays, a blogger or brand has less than 10 seconds to hook a potential audience with the proposed content. And most likely, this time will only decrease in the future.

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Not so long ago, SMM Trends Facebook began developing its metaverse, which will almost certainly push a lot of social networks to adopt this experience in the near future.

This format means for social networks the fusion of the physical world and the digital (including virtual and augmented reality).

And although the technology isn’t currently developed enough to quickly move to such formats, Facebook’s SMM Trends announcements about moving in this direction can very strongly push the development of VR and AR technologies and strengthen their integration with social networks.

Social Media Marketing Facebook, Instagram SMM Trends


Without going into details of this term, NFT is essentially an indication that a certain person is the copyright holder of certain digital content.

At the moment, NFT is the subject of controversy and doubt, and it’s difficult to say for sure exactly how it will affect social media.

However, it’s believed that in the future, using NFT, it’ll be possible to mark all content on social networks, which will automatically solve a lot of copyright problems, as well as regulate the intricacies of interaction between content makers and social networks themselves.

And it’s most likely that the first steps in this direction can be expected within the next year.

User-generated content

That’s true because social networks today allow companies (and bloggers) to collect feedback and organize interactions with little effort.

That’s why in the near future we will often face the fact that bloggers and companies seek to motivate their audience to create content for them.

Contests, challenges, and viral publications are nothing new, but soon the amount of such content may increase significantly.

Growing demand for microbloggers

In the past, brands targeted large bloggers with wide audiences in their marketing campaigns.

Recently, however, the situation is gradually changing and brands are starting to pay more and more attention to micro-bloggers with a small but loyal and targeted audience.

This is primarily due to the fact that micro-bloggers often have a very active audience with a very pronounced profile.

In this regard, the number of blogs with a rather narrow target audience can increase in direct proportion to the increase in the number of advertising budgets allocated by advertisers for adv with such bloggers.

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