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Buy Facebook Page Followers 1000 Social Media Marketing

Buy Facebook Page Followers 1000 Social Media Marketing. A Facebook page follower usually refers to an online-based place where thousands of people can view a post at once.

Facebook followers who choose the following option here can easily get the recent posts on that page can be increased through social media marketing.

SMM such as Instagram and Twitter are often compared with Facebook pages. Any SNS is effective for marketing depending on how you use it.


Increase Facebook Page Followers

I want to attract customers on Facebook. I think there are a lot of people who think so in their hearts even if they don’t say it. Maybe you are one of them?

Since Facebook is a real name SMM, it is a perfect medium for growing personal brands and collecting a strong prospect list.

Especially when it comes to attracting customers to seminars and events, isn’t there any SMM that boasts more ability to attract customers than Facebook?

If you can achieve such results, I would like to collect more know-how and use it for other businesses.

The more followers you have, the more likes and comments you have on your posts. The more people you attend the event, the more reactions you have to your posts.

The total number of prospects acquired will increase, and if the number of followers reaches 1,000 or 10,000. It will be personal branding. There is an only good thing.

A man who wrote articles and e-mail newsletters and earned only $1000 a month now earns $10 million a month by introducing ” Aru “.

I will publish that Affiliates often explode their rewards when they get the hang of it, so we recommend checking this out.

What are Facebook Followers?

On Facebook, you can “follow” someone you’re interested in to see their posts in your newsfeed.

For example, if you follow me, my post will appear in your news feed. And at the same time, you become my follower.

Also, “followers” are a mechanism that allows you to see the posts of the other party without becoming friends. It’s close to an RSS subscription to a blog.

It’s a mechanism that I would like to use if I have never met (though I am not a friend) but am interested in the content posted by that person.

  • Follow them to see their posts in your newsfeed
  • You don’t have to be friends to follow
  • Useful when you want to check posts regularly about it.
  • Follow is one mechanism for receiving information.

By making good use of this mechanism, your information transmission ability will increase and you will be able to influence many people.

That will be the power to attract customers and the power of the brand. The more followers you have, the more power you have.

What Do You Want To Do To Increase Your Facebook Followers

Let’s increase followers! But before that, there are things I want to do and confirm. That is the “follower” setting.

If the follower settings have a limit on “People who are allowed to follow”, no matter what you do, the number of followers will not increase as you wish. Check this item in advance so that it doesn’t happen.

#FB Personal Page > Settings > Public Posts

If you make this a friend, the people who can be followers will be limited to your friends. Let’s change it to everyone.

If you set it to everyone, a “follow” button will be displayed when a person who is not a friend visits your page.

How to Steadily Increase Facebook Followers on Pages

Now, let me show you how to increase your followers. Some things will increase your followers all at once, while others will only increase steadily.

Some things will not produce results unless you make them a habit every day.

However, I think that followers are not things that increase at once but gradually increase with wrinkles.

The explosive growth of followers is either celebrities, spam, or very talented (such as having other powerful media).

If you want to increase it from now on, we recommend that you do not forget to work on the “stubborn spirit”.

Let’s explain the specific method!

1. Post daily

The best way to get more followers is to “post every day”. A follower is someone who is interested in you.

The only way to increase the number of people who are interested in you is to increase the exposure because it is a probability theory.

Just as bloggers post articles every day to increase the number of PVs, it’s important to post every day on FB.

Post daily, like and share, and try to expose your post to more people. And it is just right to have such an image that about 1 to 3% of the people who like it will follow you.

2. Target and Narrow Down the Posting Theme

People reading this article shouldn’t just want to get more followers, they’ll eventually want to connect to business. Then I would like to consider the attributes of followers.

Assuming you posted to the dark clouds and gathered followers. Nobody sees me when I post a seminar or event to attract customers That’s meaningless.

It’s better to narrow down the target in advance and post to the target at a ratio of about 8: 2 and 7: 3.

It’s a personal page, so I understand that it’s difficult to handle. However, all the people who use FB well are posting in this way, so I would like to cover it with effort.

3. Make the Posted Content “useful”, “interesting”, “cool / cute”, “great”, etc.

Posts that are good on SNS are always “useful,” “interesting,” and “great.” If the poster’s looks and taste are good, “cool and cute” will be added to this.

It’s important to think about how to get people to sympathize with you and how to make them laugh, rather than boasting or appealing to the rear.

4. Follow Related Pages regularly

Here’s the quickest way to get more followers. “Follow from here”. Then you will get a follow-up with a certain probability.

If you follow us on Twitter, you can get a follow-up back. The idea is the same as Twitter.

However, be aware that Facebook follow-up is not as cultural as Twitter. There is also data on the street that the follow-back rate changes from about 5% to 15%. If you trust this data, if you follow 100 people, 5 to 15 people will follow you back.

However, it seems that there are restrictions if you follow continuously, and depending on the method, account suspension measures may be taken.

Some people wrote that it’s okay to follow up to 50 a day, but it doesn’t seem to be a recommended method (sweat).

5. Create a Blog and Create a Lead to Increase Facebook Page Followers

Blog depends on the number of PV. The more PVs there are, the better. As long as you have a number of PVs, you should be able to increase your followers just by installing a follow button in the profile area.

Having a large number of PVs means that there is also a large flow of people. If there are a lot of people flowing, just having a follow button at the end will be enough to get results.

Also, the follow button is also prepared on the FB side, so those who have a blog should use it.

#How to set up a follow button

Go to your personal page> settings> followers and go to the follower settings page.

There is an item called “Follow Plugin”, so copy and paste the code displayed there to your blog. The size can be adjusted.

You can set up a follow button with just this. If you have a blog, paste it in haste!

6. Make an E-mail Newsletter and Make a Lead to Increase Facebook Followers

I also recommend connecting from the e-mail newsletter to Facebook followers. Many e-mail magazine readers are already your fans or are interested in the information you send.

For that reason, people with attributes that are easy to follow are gathered. So if you have an e-mail newsletter, make a lead and provide an environment that is easy for you to follow.

Specifically, the following two are recommended.

6. Make an e-mail Newsletter and Make a Lead to Increase Facebook Followers

I also recommend connecting from the e-mail newsletter to FB followers.

Many e-mail magazine readers are already your fans or are interested in the information you send. For that reason, people with attributes that are easy to follow are gathered.

So if you have an e-mail newsletter, make a lead and provide an environment that is easy for you to follow. Specifically, the following two are recommended.

  • Shows that you can follow the automatic reply email immediately after registration

Hit the iron while it’s hot. Immediately after registering for the e-mail newsletter, readers are most interested in you. It is a waste to leave that state.

Tell them that you can follow the auto-reply email. It’s easy to write, just write “If you like, why don’t you connect with SNS and deepen exchanges?”

More people will follow you with just that.

  • Show that you can follow in the footer or header of each issue

Of course, some people wouldn’t follow you in the auto-reply email. Let’s always expose it to those people.

Make sure to tell each issue that you can follow in the footer header of the e-mail newsletter. All that remains is to make an effort to deliver good content.

All you have to do is keep telling us that it is useful. Someday, they will follow you when you start to believe in yourself or when you are interested.

7. Join and Work in Groups

Joining a group, actively working in it, or hosting a group will increase your followers.

FB is an SMM that gets more exposed as you work, so if you have a group you want to join, let’s actively participate and work. Just playing in the group should increase your followers!

8. Actively Like and Comment

If you like or comment, you’ll be listed in the Post Reactions section of your friends’ timeline.

It will also be featured in the Friend of a Friend news feed, and if a Friend of a Friend likes or shares it, it will even be shown to that friend.

Do you like and comment regularly? It’s a waste if you don’t! Let’s actively react. That leads to an increase in exposure.

9. Go Meet Amazing People, Take 2 Shots, and Upload

Here is the method you want to actively use to increase your followers. It’s about going to meet amazing people, taking 2 shots, and uploading them.

Great people here include people who are called gurus in the industry, best-selling authors, influencers (alpha bloggers, etc.), and standard members of Buzz.

They almost always hold seminars, study sessions, and social gatherings. Let’s participate there. Then, take a picture with a chance and upload it to FB after getting permission.

It’s easier to get more followers in private 2 shots and group photos (barbecue, etc.) without business color, so it would be best if you could make a relationship up to that point.

Also, aim to become a guru, an author, and an influencer eventually. If you get into that position, the number of followers should increase explosively.

10. Publish Achievements

Users don’t know or even try to know how much track record you have in the industry. Because that’s normal.

So let’s put out more and more people who have a track record!

By publishing the achievements, many people will change their eyes and be interested in them.

In the diet industry, you can send out various things such as “I lost my name”, “This month’s VIP dieter is this person”, and “○○ people cleared their goals by the method of suppressing appetite!” right.

Those who have a track record should put it out.

3 Reasons Facebook Pages Can Help Increase Fans

Among them, the Facebook page is an effective tool for acquiring fans for three reasons that other SMM does not have.

Highly Reliable Because of the Real Name

Facebook’s terms require all users to register with their real names. Users publish their educational and professional backgrounds, connect with family and friends, and even reveal their dating status.

Since Facebook is an SMM that requires real-name registration, it is highly reliable. There are almost no so-called “Sakura” even for people who react to the information on the Facebook page by “likes”, comments, and shares.

Also, since the user is a real name, it is difficult to leave strange comments and it is difficult to burn.

3 Reasons

Twitter is limited to 140 characters and 4 images. On Instagram, the limit is loose, with 10 images and 2000 characters. You can only see most of the images and the captions are hard to read.

In that respect, Facebook has a good balance between images and captions. By making the flow “image under the text”, the text is easy to read, and the image also serves as an eye-catcher.

This good balance will increase the amount of information delivered to users.

Many Functions and are Easy to Use

Facebook is updated annually with new features. By taking advantage of the features, you will be able to do more on Facebook.

  • Deliver ads to Facebook / Instagram with the ad function
  • Form a community with group functions
  • Open an online shop with a shopping function
  • Video distribution and live distribution with the watch function
  • Social contribution with a charity function

There are many functions that can be used for business. You can get a fixed fan by using these functions.

How to increase the likes of your Facebook page

In order to get fans on Facebook, it is important to increase the number of likes on the Facebook page.

The more likes you like, the more likely it is to be recommended as a popular page, and the more you like it, the more it will be displayed on the timeline of those who like it, increasing your exposure.

Here’s how to increase the number of likes on your Facebook page Likes.

Describe Business Information Properly

The user must know at a glance what the page looks like. So, first of all, let’s describe the business information properly.

In addition to describing the page title and page description in an easy-to-understand manner. We will fill in the company profile, mission, and philosophy, business hours, contact information, and if there is product information and a button (link) for shopping.

The more detailed the basic information, the more interesting the user will be and the less time and effort it will take to find a phone number.

Share in Another Medium or Offline

When the page is ready, don’t just wait for likes while posting. Without anyone knowing, the number of likes and readers of posts will not increase.

But how do you get to know a page that no one knows?

The answer is simple: “Share to someone who already knows you or your company.” In other words, we will spread it by utilizing other media and offline.

  • Send a “Like” request to friends and acquaintances connected on Facebook
  • Advertise to clients
  • Put a like button on your homepage or blog
  • Promote to e-mail magazine readers
  • Write the QR code on business cards and pamphlets
  • Introduced at a real store

It’s difficult to suddenly become famous on Facebook, so let’s spread it from the outside first.

Leverage your personal Facebook account

On Facebook, everyone has a personal account. And many people have personal accounts that are connected to “real and related people such as classmates and relatives” rather than “people who do not know at all on SMM” like Instagram and Twitter. Take advantage of that personal account.

  • Link to profile on personal page
  • Like and share posts on Facebook pages
  • Or post with a direct link to your personal page
  • When sharing a post on a Facebook page, send a mention to someone who might be interested

Your family and friends and acquaintances can also get to know you, “This person is doing this kind of work.” It’s easy to talk about people close to you, and it may spread by word of mouth.

Post A Post That Users Want To Read

The content posted on the Facebook page also needs to be devised. For example, post information that users know and get, or information that they want to tell people.

At that time, if you have the image, title, and heading (table of contents), you will want to read more.

Alternatively, you may want to share your owned media content on your Facebook page. To read the content, you need to go to the link destination, which takes a lot of work.

To make it easier to read, post the caption with a title, headline (table of contents), and a few words. Once you get an overview of the content, your interest will grow.

Use “Like! Ads” To Increase A Fee

No matter how wide your network is, there is a limit to the number of people you can reach with the above method alone.

If you want to like and increase your followers to thousands or tens of thousands, you’ll need to run Facebook ads.

Among Facebook ads, “Like ads” are effective for getting “Like!”. From the ad manager of Facebook ads, the purpose of the ad> Engagement> Like! Available in advertising.

Target and deliver the age, gender, region, etc. to display the advertisement. You will be charged for each “Like!”.

The number of likes you can get will change depending on the amount you spend.

First of all, let’s try delivering advertisements for a fee of tens of thousands of yen a month, and increase or decrease the amount while watching the situation.

Take Advantage of Facebook Insights

Facebook Insight is an analysis feature that will be available if you have more than 30 likes. You can analyze the reaction of each post, the attributes of followers, etc. from the transition of “Like!”.

In addition, Facebook Insight allows you to specify competing pages, and the point is that you can compare performance with competing pages.

The number of followers can also be calculated as “organic followers” and “followers by promotion”, so it can be used as a guide for Facebook advertising operations.

If you run a Facebook page, be sure to read the insights on a regular basis.

How to Increase Followers on Your Facebook Page

After increasing the number of likes, let’s get them to become followers and lay the foundation for regularly delivering information to users.

Followers aren’t necessarily fans, but fans are usually followers.

Here’s how to get more followers on your Facebook page as a first step towards becoming a fan.

Send an Invitation to Users Who Like It

It’s a waste to say that the user liked the page, but it was the last time they accessed the page.

Make contact again by inviting users who like your Facebook page to become followers.

Actually, the rate of increase of Facebook Page followers is different depending on whether you send this invitation or not.

Invitations can be sent with the touch of a button or using messenger, so be proactive in approaching your users.

Create a community

It is also recommended to create a community using the Facebook group function.

  • A community that gathers fans and disseminates information for them
  • A community that gathers people who want to learn and sends useful information
  • A community for creating connections between users

There are various ways to use it.

It will be easier to increase the followers of highly engaged users by disseminating official information from the Facebook page while engaging with users in the community.

Keep posting on the Facebook page

To get followers and fans, you still have to keep posting regularly.

In fact, posting is not only useful for users but it can also be used to like and get followers on Facebook pages.

Users are connected to people with high affinity on Facebook, and increasing reach to the same user base will lead to the acquisition of highly engaged followers.

Conduct a Facebook campaign

Facebook campaigns are also a popular marketing method. If you have to “follow this page” to participate in the campaign, it will be easier to get followers.

If you are a company that has a real store, we also recommend a campaign that asks users to use the check-in function. When you check-in, it’s shared in your feed so you can reach other users as well.

Use the Facebook Page to Win Fans!

Although Facebook’s usage rate is low in Japan, it is also a tool that can reach users with attributes that Instagram and Twitter do not have.

We recommend using the Facebook page for people who operate Instagram and Twitter but do not get the desired effect.

As well as companies that are compatible with Facebook’s user attributes and companies that want to reach a wide range of users.

Let’s get fans by increasing the likes and followers of the Facebook page Followers!

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