Position Online Store SEO Google Search Engine Optimization

Position Online Store SEO Google Search Engine Optimization

Does your online store not appear in Google search results? Positioning an online store requires patience, ant work, and knowledge of SEO Google Search Engine. In this article, we are going to see what you have to work on to improve the positioning of your store. If you want to have sales, it is essential that your website has a lot of traffic and the best way to increase the number of visits to your website is by doing SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO Google Search Engine is Search Engine Optimization. Google takes into account different criteria when choosing which web pages rank at the top of its search engine.

SEO experts are dedicated to studying Google’s guidelines to create websites or online stores that meet these criteria and are better positioned.

As the competition for the top spots is brutal, they have to sharpen their wits to find a way to climb the ranks. Next, I am going to tell you what you can do to work on the SEO of your store.

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The first thing is to do a keyword study

Keywords are terms (not necessarily words, they can also be groups of words), by which information is classified in search engines.

For example, a keyword can be “red pants”. If you sell red pants in your online store and you have done the SEO job well, you will appear in the search results when someone searches for that term.

That is why it is important that you do a keyword study for your online store with all the terms related to what you offer.

First, make an intuitive list and then dump it into a program like Adwords or other similar alternatives.

These programs will show you if the terms you have chosen based on intuition are really the ones that people are looking for and which of them have more searches, more or less competition, etc.

This list will help you find the most effective keywords to use in your store. Do not forget to also study keywords related to the interests of your ideal clientele.

Topics that may interest them that are related to the type of product you offer. For example, in a natural cosmetics store, beauty tips, health issues, the environment, etc.

Choose the title and description well in the general WordPress settings

The title and general description of your online store are very important for SEO Google Search Engine. In WordPress, you can fill in this information in Settings / General.

Many people fill in these fields with just their brand, but it is very important that you enter keywords in them. The keywords you use for the title and description of your website will be the ones you rank first.

So, from the keyword research, choose the 4 or 5 most relevant to your store and place them in the title and description of your WordPress online store.


You need a good SEO plugin for your website

In order to control that you are doing things right, it is best to install a specific plugin for SEO Google Search Engine on your website. I recommend WordPress SEO by Yoast if your store is made with WordPress Woocommerce.

This plugin will help you know if you have placed the keyword in the right places, if you are repeating it too much, if the length of the text is appropriate, etc. It is a great help for the daily SEO work in your store.

Check that all images are tagged with the corresponding keywords

Each image on your website must be well tagged. When uploading it you must fill in the title, alternative text, and description fields. You have to enter in these fields the keyword that you have used in the article, product, or page on which you are going to upload the image.

To check that all your images are properly tagged, you can go to your multimedia library and check one by one that there is no missing field to fill in. When you open the image you will be able to see these fields and move on to the next ones quickly as you correct the errors.

Optimize each page of your online store

All the pages of your store are important for their positioning. So all of them must be optimized according to Google’s criteria.

  • Each page must have a keyword assigned.
  • That word must be in the strategic places of the text (title, first paragraph, some subheading, the image tags, in the content…).
  • Each page must contain a well-tagged image.
  • The length of the text must be more than 500 words.
  • The texts must be structured in sections with subtitles (like this article).
  • More tips for your store texts.

Blog frequently and consistently

Writing on the blog is the best way to position yourself for terms related to the things you sell. It is a very effective way to attract traffic to your store interested in topics related to the products you sell.

If, for example, you have a craft store, you can write articles with DIY tutorials on your blog. In this way you will attract people interested in making things by hand, they will see the tutorial and when they are encouraged to do it, they will buy the materials from you.

In these articles, you have to use the rest of the keywords of the study. Here it is important that you write longer texts, preferably more than 1000 words.


Work on link building by getting quality incoming links

Another determining factor that determines the positioning of your store is the number of incoming links from other websites and the quality of these links. Without falling into highly penalized bad practices (such as pbn link exchange), you can work on link building your store in the following ways:

  • Get featured in the online press. Send press releases with interesting content for journalists. If you get published, the links from the media will have a significant effect on your traffic and your ranking.
  • Get bloggers who are true influencers in your niche to talk about your store. A link from their blogs can attract a lot of traffic and give your store some of that magic juice that will help you rank ( link juice ). Always check visits, blog age, and domain authority before making a paid contribution.
  • Write articles as a guest blogger on websites that may interest your target audience. Returning to the example of crafts, you can write an article about the uses of «Chalk paint» in a blog with DIY tutorials.
  • If you have a vintage clothing store, you can write an article on how to get an authentic vintage look. Always include links to your website in the article.

Always avoid:

  • Links from newly created pages with little reputation and domain age.
  • Links from pages are penalized by Google.
  • It is important that the links are followed, a non-follow link will not help you position yourself.

Internal Links

Although they are not usually talked about so much, internal links also play a very important role in positioning.

These are the links you make from a blog page or article to any other content in your store. These links tell Google that your content is related, and that there is consistency in the topic.

They also indicate which are the most important pages within your website/store. Some advice:

  • Make internal links in all the articles on your blog.
  • Put the most important link in the first paragraph of the article (after the keyword of the first paragraph).
  • Use keywords that you want the page you are linking to rank for as anchor text.

For example, a very important page of my website is where I explain my web design service, so as I am interested in positioning it well, I make many internal links to it from the blog articles.

I put those links in the first paragraph of the article and use anchor texts like web design, create your web page, create a web page, design a web, etc. to make the links.

Product optimization

Many times we forget to work on the SEO of each product when these are the contents that we are most interested in positioning on the internet. To do this, consider each product as if it were a blog article:

  • Includes a description of more than 300 words. I know, it seems like a lot, but doing SEO it is essential.
  • The text must be unique and original, nothing to copy and paste from another similar product.
  • Choose the keyword for the product well.
  • Label the images.
  • Fill in all the options of the plugin for SEO Google Search Engine.

Upload Speed

Check that the loading speed of your store is optimal for all types of devices. You can use Google’s Page Speed ​​Insights to check your store.

The application will indicate the improvements you must make to improve the speed of your store. Some things that greatly influence speed:

  • The hosting provider. Consider upgrading to better quality hosting with better load times.
  • The template you choose for the design of your website.
  • Heavy images also slow down the loading of your store. Always optimize your store images before uploading them.
  • Use a good caching plugin to save on resources.

Fix all bugs in your store

The errors that may be on your website are also taken into account for positioning. If you correct them, you will climb positions. Here are some examples of easy-to-fix errors:

  • Broken links
  • Untagged images
  • Duplicate content
  • Pages that return an error message.
  • Etc.

You can use a free tool like Siteliner to see your store’s errors and fix them.

Choosing a quality template

I have already told you that the template you choose for your website influences the loading speed. Many templates dirty the code of your website by inserting unnecessary elements that make it difficult to load quickly.

That is why if you are having problems I recommend that you consider changing the template of your store for a better one.

A very interesting template to improve the speed of the face, plastic in terms of design and quite easy to use is Divi.

Beware of popups

Pop-ups are very effective when it comes to collecting emails, but their use is increasingly penalized by Google.

If you notice, I have removed the popup that I had on the blog for exactly that reason. Goole doesn’t like pop-ups that hide content, especially when they do so when browsing from a mobile phone.

They are inconvenient and difficult to remove from the phone, thus worsening the user experience. From next year, Google will penalize websites that have pop-ups that cover the content in its version for mobile phones.


Makes content easy to share on social media

Google also takes into account when positioning your online store that your content is shared on social networks. To make it easier for this to happen, you need to include share buttons at the end of your blog articles and products in your store. This will facilitate the interaction of visitors to your store. If you create viral content, it will be easier for people to share it.

Make sure your store is responsive

If your store is not adaptable to all types of screens (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.), it will never position itself well in search engines. It is a very important factor for Google when deciding whether or not your store reaches the top positions. Some advice:

  • Choose a template that is responsive.
  • Check your store for all kinds of devices.
  • Make it easy to navigate on mobile with large buttons and a simple structure.
  • Simplify the design as much as you can.

Register your store in Google my business and include it in Google maps

Google My Business is a free Google service for businesses. You can easily sign up by following this tutorial. The advantages of registering are:

  • You can appear on Google maps, which will make you appear on the map in searches in which you would not appear due to competition.
  • Your clients will see that you are located near them, which will give them more confidence.
  • You can enhance that trust and climb positions on Google maps by getting good recommendations.
  • The contact details will be very easily accessible to anyone searching for your brand on the internet.

Getting your online store to appear well-positioned in the main search engines and to be really effective is not as easy as it seems, right?

If you have an online store and you are not having the results you expected, you know what I am talking about.

In this article, I have given a few brushstrokes about the things you can do to position your store, but you still feel that it is explained above and that you need more in-depth help on some issues.

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