Let's understand the difference between PR and marketing

Let’s understand the difference between PR and marketing

Hi, this is 4ouryou SMM panel heavy branch. Today, I will talk about the difference between PR and marketing, and how to use social media in each.

Difference between PR and marketing

Public relations and marketing are easily confused and are thought to be similar, but there are significant differences in terms of social role.

What is marketing?

Marketing is the activity of how to fit a product to the needs of consumers in an existing market .

For example, when planning a sale of a new car, there is already a target to buy (want to) it, but recently, I have been researching “what motivates me to buy a car”.

So, when I got market information such as “Many people want to use it to enjoy a weekend drive with their family rather than using it for commuting”, when moving it to planning, “Play with family, not a car for commuting” Let’s make a car that you can enjoy when you go to commute. “

In other words, in terms of knowing well that consumers make products that meet the needs of the consumer , and also carry out the advertising campaign , this is marketing.

What is PR

On the other hand, PR (Public Relations) is a story about how companies and brands relate to society, and its main purpose is to change society itself .

Since the market is in society, if the society changes due to PR, the shape of the market will change according to the changed society .

For example, teleworking has spread rapidly since the Corona disaster, and as a result, “I bought a big house in the suburbs, which takes about an hour and a half or two and a half hours from the city center, rather than living in the city center, and the environment is rich in nature. I think there are many people who have changed their consciousness, such as “I want to live inside.”

This is because the society has changed due to the PR “Let’s work at home while refraining from commuting as much as possible to prevent infection”.

PR is to change the appearance of society in this way, and of course the usage of social media also changes depending on whether it is for PR or marketing purposes.

Specific examples of PR and marketing

We will introduce the difference between PR and marketing using concrete examples.

Marketing example

For example, Apple’s iPhone is a typical example of successful marketing. The success factor was that Steve Jobs sold the iPhone as a “phone”, and it is no exaggeration to say that the iPhone was successful because it was a phone .

The iPhone is basically a computer that can be easily handled with a touch panel, but if it was initially sold as a personal computer, it is likely that only those who had used the personal computer had bought it.

At the time of planning, on the premise that mobile phones are more popular than personal computers, Jobs realized that new phones and smarter phones “smartphones” would sell better than new PCs.

And as a result of actually putting it out as a new mobile phone, it sold .

Marketing is an example of this. As a result of the actual spread of smartphones, the world has changed, but the iPhone has not been sold since the world changed .

As a result of marketing, the world has changed depending on the product .

PR example

On the contrary, PR is more difficult because it is necessary to change the world first .

In PR, it is important to provide a new perspective (perception change: cognitive transformation) rather than adjusting to the user’s known information, which is the most important point to aim for.

When the perception change is made, the scenery that you have been able to see will look completely different.

As mentioned above, the spread of the new coronavirus infection may drastically change the idea of ​​”having a house in the city center even if it is small” to the idea of ​​”living freely in the countryside makes children grow up faster”.

Of course, there were houses in the countryside and in the city center even before the Corona disaster. The product itself, the house, hasn’t changed , but the perception change is that the demand changes as the perspective changes .

And PR is aimed at this, and it is more important to have an approach that upsets the previous perspective rather than known information. Then, what was previously thought to be negative becomes positive, and what was thought to be positive becomes negative.

For example, many people have never seen cockroaches in Hokkaido because they are vulnerable to cold environments, and they were not recognized as particularly dirty. On the other hand, in Honshu and other areas, it is recognized as “things that must be removed” because of the prejudice that they are unsanitary, dirty, and unpleasant.

As a matter of fact, the grounds for whether cockroaches should be destroyed as an enemy of the eyes are not clear, and there is a recognition that “cockroaches = objects to be exterminated”, so it is thought that cockroach extermination goods can be sold in Honshu. I will.

On the other hand, in the past, there was little awareness of cockroach in Hokkaido, and because it was just a kind of insect, countermeasure goods could not be sold. In other words, there was no market for cockroach extermination goods in Hokkaido .

After that, due to various social changes, the view of cockroaches changed drastically in Hokkaido as well. Since the perception has changed from “a kind of insect” to “an object that is unpleasant and must be destroyed”, it means that a new product market called cockroach extermination goods has been opened in Hokkaido.

When doing this kind of PR on social media, it’s more important to provide a different perspective on the known information than to combine it with the user’s known information.

For example, there is a famous advertisement in which a demon child is crying , “My father was killed by a guy named Momotaro.” It can be said that this is a PR-oriented advertisement aimed at a perception change. ..

From the general public’s point of view, the demon was the opponent to be destroyed , but when the position is reversed, the perception changes drastically, that is, , from the demon’s point of view, Momotaro is seen as an invader .

An example of this is Perception Change, which is an example of how to use PR. By providing different perspectives, it is necessary to sell more and more as content.

Distinguish the differences and change the way information is transmitted

In this way, marketing is to sell things together with the known information of consumers , and PR is to change the known information itself. is .

It is necessary to distinguish such differences and think about how to disseminate information.


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