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How To Use Biotique Hair Serum

How To Use Biotique Hair Serum Pros & Cons

How To Use Biotique Hair Serum

How To Use Biotique Hair Serum Pros & Cons, This intensive serum is mixed with pure extracts of the orchid tree, long pepper, glycyrrhizin, and Euphorbia tree to stimulate new and healthy hair growth. It stimulates hair, from root to tip, and leaves the scalp feeling toned, elated, and free from xerotes and irritation.

Uses of Biotique Hair Serum

  • Apply a little quantity to a dry scalp.
  • Massage it in gently with circular motions.
  • Leave on.

How To Use Biotique Hair Serum

Biotique Hair Serum Ingredients

Kanchnar Stem, Pudina Oil, Kusumbhi Oil, Neem Bark, Pipali Fruit, Mulethi Stem, refined WaterQ.S.

Mountain Ebony

Astringent and anti-bacterial, it creates a fresh setting for healthy hair growth. It is additionally renowned for curing skin diseases.

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Licorice root is an Ayurvedic ingredient that is extremely helpful to the skin and hair. The root not only promotes the health of the scalp but also takes care of the hair. The root’s anti-inflammatory properties help to calm the scalp by getting rid of problems like scabs and dandruff.


Neem oil has uncountable advantages for the hair and scalp, including relief from a dry, fidgety scalp and dandruff, as well as providing you with silklike, shiny, sturdy hair.

Is Biotique Hair Serum Suitable For Everyone?

It is best suited for normal-oily scalps. The Biotique hair serum might not work for those with dry scalps. As it doesn’t contain any moisturizing ingredients, once the watery serum eventually dries, it’s going to leave your hair and scalp even drier.

For dry hair and scalp, apply Associate in Nursing, leave it on for about an hour and launder. Material possessions without humour could lead to excessive xerotes, dandruff, and hair fall. Apply this hair serum on your scalp and not on your hair.

When you apply it to your hair, it will make it look bouncy and voluminous. But, we might not advocate applying it to dry or damaged hair. It’s going to not be helpful at the end of the day. Finally, this may not be an entirely natural product. It will have an artificial fragrance in it.

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Does it work on hair fall?

Even after years of victimizing humor, we see no difference in hair fall. It doesn’t have potent ingredients to stimulate hair growth either.

The concentration of the ingredients used looks too low to form any distinction. Apart from the very fact that the serum is so cooling and quiet, it’s just about an average product, particularly for those with normal-dry scalps and hair.

It promotes the growth of long hair.

The Biotique Bio-Contemporary Growth Stimulating Serum was developed to promote fast hair growth. It soothes flaky scalps and leaves them free from irritation and xerotes. This hum feeds your hair from the root to the tip, giving it strength, shine, and smoothness.

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Hair-friendly Ingredients

This hair growth-stimulating humor is developed with extracts of the orchid tree that have to stimulate and healing properties. Orchid tree extract is additionally astringent and has an antibacterial drug nature. This growth-stimulating humor is additionally enriched with pure extracts of long pepper, glycyrrhizin, the genus Euphorbia tree, neem, mulethi, pippali, kusumbhi, pudina, and Kachmar with mountain chain water to tone your hair and scalp.


  • water-based serum.
  • The hair smells nice for a long time.
  • It provides a cooling effect on the scalp.
  • lightweight
  • Not sticky.
  • Not greasy.
  • adds shine.
  • runny consistency
  • Using a lot of products doesn’t leave hair greasy.
  • refreshing and quiet fragrance.
  • It adds volume and bounce to traditional hair.


  • It does not tame curls the least bit.
  • No distinction in hair fall.
  • did not promote new hair growth.
  • It has an artificial fragrance.
  • It may cause more hair fall if you have got a dry scalp and dandruff.
  • The smell could cause headaches for those with sensitive noses.
  • It is not appropriate for dry hair and scalp (which could cause excessive dryness).

How To Use Biotique Hair Serum (1)

Is Biotique Hair Serum Best for Hair?

This product from Biotique is additionally superb for hair. This could be the result I got here on my first use. All of its products are great for young women because they don’t hurt them in any way.

Can We Use It To Apply Biotique Serum To Wet Hair?

It is very light on the hair and doesn’t leave it oily or sticky. It’s simple to use on wet hair.

Can we continue to use Biotique Hair Serum daily?

Since this is non-oily and non-greasy, one can apply it anytime. The simplest thing concerning this tonic is that you simply do not have to wash your hair when applying it as it is a leave-in tonic (Innovative Boutique).


This product is made for those laid low with hair fall. You’ll use this shampoo to promote nourishment and hair growth. Massage it into your scalp and you may instantly feel a sense of cooling. It is a nice way to induce relaxation and eliminate that fidgety scalp. You don’t need to wash it off; merely vogue your hair when applying it. The ayurvedic and natural ingredients make it an honest and safe choice to use.

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