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How to Solve P2719H MacBook M1 Flickering On and Off

How to Solve P2719H MacBook M1 Flickering On and Off

How to Solve P2719H MacBook M1 Flickering On and Off

You can give the following methods a go in order to fix the flickering problem on a monitor model P2719H MacBook M1 Flickering On and Off:

  • You may check to see if your Mac has the most recent software by navigating to System Preferences > Software Update.
  • Make sure to check the cables: Check that the cords connecting your MacBook and display are not frayed or damaged in any way, and make sure that the connection between the two is secure.
  • Try a new cable: If you are having issues connecting the monitor to your Mac, you can try a different cable to determine if the problem is with the connection itself.
  • Make sure you check the resolution on your Mac: You may check that the resolution is correctly adjusted to the native resolution of the display by going to System Preferences > Displays and making the necessary changes there.
  • Check your Mac’s energy saver settings: Navigate to the System Preferences menu and select Energy Saver. Once there, deactivate the “Automatic graphics switching” option.
  • Make sure you check the following on your monitor: Verify that the monitor’s refresh rate is correctly adjusted, and that any overdrive or motion smoothing settings are turned off. Also, make sure that the screen brightness is set appropriately.
  • Check the monitor’s firmware: Check to see if the monitor’s firmware has been brought up to date, and if it hasn’t been, bring it up to date to the most recent version.
  • Use a different monitor: If the problem continues, you can try using a different display to determine whether or not the problem is with the Mac itself or with the monitor.

In the event that the issue continues, please get in touch with Dell Technical Support.

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