Tips To Select the Best VPS Server for Hosting Applications

How To Select the Best VPS Server for Hosting Applications

A VPS server is the perfect balance between a shared hosting server and a dedicated one. It imitates the dedicated server by virtually dividing resources and assigning them to individual accounts. So you do not have to share your resources with anybody else on your server. It also offers immense security, customization, maximum performance, and personalized resources.

It also does not cost as much as a dedicated server. Since your virtual accounts are separate, the actions of one do not affect the others sharing the same server. You can enjoy root access to customise your entire operation according to your unique requirements without asking for permission from anybody else. All of these perks along with dedicated resources makes VPS hosting the best of the rest.

Now that you have a good understanding of the working of VPS, let’s check out its benefits that will help your business grow and succeed. There are certain things you need to keep in mind while choosing a VPS hosting provider and package. Take a look Kinocki.

How to pick the best VPS hosting service?

1. Server uptime

Server uptime is defined by the time your server is connected to the internet and optimally functional. This is of vital importance as the availability of your website is dependent on your server being online as well. Consequently, if your server suffers from downtime, so will your website. So basically, the aim is to ensure that your server is always available so that you get maximum uptime and your website is available to your customers at all times.

Moreover, your choice of web hosting service will also determine the speed of your website along with the loading time. So if your web pages take a long time to load, your users will lose interest and go to a different website. So look for a VPS hosting service that can offer optimum performance.

2. Root access

If the user has root access to their server, it is basically like having complete control of all of its elements. You can customise your entire server according to your unique requirements. Since all VPS hosting services do not offer this option, you need to do your thorough research and choose one that does. Root access allows you to select your OS, indulge in server configuration, and choose your security settings, as well as apps. It also provides complete access to all the elements of your server.

3. Reliability

Reliability is a factor you need to ensure while selecting a VPS hosting provider. The one you choose should offer a minimum of 99.5% of uptime or more, have a great name in the industry, and provide highly responsive customer support.

4. Managed vs unmanaged hosting

There are two options to choose from when it comes to VPS hosting, namely managed and unmanaged hosting. An unmanaged VPS hosting requires you to handle all of the responsibilities regarding your server, while managed hosting will take care of all of that for you. So if you do not have much experience or expertise, you should go for managed VPS hosting services.

However, you should ensure you pick the best VPS hosting service that will help your business grow and succeed.
Managed VPS hosting costs comparatively more than unmanaged hosting, but its advantage is that your entire operation is run by extremely competent professionals who ensure everything functions optimally. In addition to this, it leaves you enough time and energy to focus on the core responsibilities of your business that will help you increase your revenue.

Hence, selecting the perfect VPS hosting server is important to fulfill your business needs. Also, ensure that you are provided with experts that have a lot of knowledge of their field.

5. Price

Virtual private servers are the perfect combination of dedicated hosting and shared hosting. So you get the best of both worlds. It provides all the advantages of dedicated hosting, but the price is a lot less. This is caused by the framework of VPS hosting which includes a number of accounts on the same physical server, but you are still separated virtually.

The shared elements in VPS hosting helps save money that you can invest elsewhere. You can also increase and decrease the amount of resources you need as your business evolves. So you can start with minimum resources as a startup and then increase them as time goes on. So you can figure out your requirements and then choose a package accordingly that fits perfectly in your budget and does not force you to break the bank to pay for it.

6. Customer support

It is crucial that you select a web hosting plan and service that provides complete customer support day and night. Several web hosting services will offer support via tickets and emails. However, these forms of contact suffice for small issues that are not a priority or hold any urgency.

If you encounter a huge issue, on the other hand, that can threaten the well-being of your website, immediate support is needed. Hence, you should ensure that your web hosting service provides proper customer support for problems that can prove to be disastrous.

7. Security

Your web hosting security is a vital factor that you need to prioritise. As any issue with security could lead to huge irreparable damages that might tank your business entirely. VPS obviously has better security than a number of web hosting services just by the way it is built. So it is a great choice for your website that deserves to be completely protected.


VPS hosting is a considerably economical option that offers a lot of benefits similar to dedicated hosting such as privacy, scalability, root access, flexibility, higher security, smooth performance, maximum uptime, and much more. If you aim to add a wide variety of apps to your VPS, you need to choose a VPS hosting service that provides ample backups, malware scanning, and advanced security. These elements will help you be secure from any malicious attacks and grow in a fertile environment.

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