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How to Optimize and Speed Up your Wordpress Website

How to Optimize and Speed Up your WordPress Website

How to Optimize and Speed Up your WordPress Website

As you already know, the loading speed and performance of your Speed Up your WordPress Website is determining factor not only in SEO but also in the user experience. If your Web page takes more than 4 seconds to load, neither Google nor your visitors will like it, and even more so with the increase in browsing from mobile devices, it is becoming more and more essential to improve this, I share 4 procedures on how to optimize and speed up your WordPress page, which has worked very well for me.

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Clean the database

The database is the engine, the brain of your website, the speed with which queries are made there depends to a great extent on the performance of your website, but the database also fills up with garbage.

Every time you make a post or an internal page on your website and make changes, the database accumulates these revisions and drafts.

An excellent plugin that helps you optimize and speed up your WordPress website, keeping the database healthy and optimized is wp-optimize.

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Optimize images

Another very important factor in the performance of your website is the images. If you publish an image that weighs 1 MB, that is, 1000 KB, your website will become heavy and will consume 1 MB of data from the person who accesses it.

Therefore, the weight of each image you publish is recommended not to exceed 70 KB, that is, 7% of a mega. The more your Web page weighs, the slower it will be and the more it consumes resources, and Google and users don’t like this at all. I doubt many people will wait more than 5 seconds for your website to load.

There are many plugins that help you compress images so that they weigh less, even the wp-optimize plugin has a utility that helps compress images, however, they manage to compress at most 20% and finally the image will end up weighing almost the same. This is why you should always upload web-optimized images from the start. In this tutorial I will teach you 2 methods to compress images before uploading them to your website.

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How to insert YouTube and Vimeo videos on your website without affecting the load saves 90% of speed

How it is well known When publishing videos on a Web page, these should not be uploaded directly to the site, since due to the weight and resource requirements of this format, it would easily collapse the bandwidth of the hosting with a few reproductions. Imagine uploading a video that weighs 500 Megabytes to your Web page, you would be consuming that amount of data just to enter your Web.

These videos are always inserted from a video server, whether private or public, such as YouTube or Vimeo, which have the resources for optimal playback performance.

But even so, if you insert the videos from YouTube or Vimeo in your web page, you are generating consumption of 500 KB for each video. So these are not reproduced, just by entering the page this consumption already occurs. This added to the other elements that must load such as images, text, and code, greatly harms the loading time and speed of your website.

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WP video Lightbox plugin

There is a wonderful solution to this, and it is with the wp video Lightbox plugin, which allows when entering your website to load a preview image or fake video, instead of the YouTube video, and only when the user clicks in this image you will be taken to the actual video in a popup window.

In this way, the consumption of resources will only occur when the user decides to watch the video, not when they enter your website. The most important thing is that the entry to the page is fast. After they are inside, there will be a little more patience. With this tool, the load of the YouTube video will weigh 50kb instead of 500KB.

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Empty the cache

Emptying the WordPress cache is very important not only in those cases in which you are editing your web page and you cannot see the changes reflected, but also to optimize and speed it up.

There are many plugins to manage the WordPress cache, but some are quite heavy and complex to configure and can cause problems on the site, as is the case with W3 total cache.

But there is a quite simple plugin to install and manage as is the case with the fastest cache.

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