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How to capture user moments on Twitter from a corporation case

Hi, this is 4ouryou heavy branch. Today, I will talk about how to grasp the user’s “moment” on Twitter corporation case.

What is the user’s “moment”?

The user’s “moment” is the timing when the user gets excited about specific content .

There according to the context companies can be effectively diffused by performing a tweet.

An example of capturing a moment corporation case

Do you know “Bals Festival” ?

If you tweet your impressions while watching a TV program, you will get the experience of watching one content at the same time, and the play using this is the “Bals Festival”.

Every time Studio Ghibli’s “Castle in the Sky” is broadcast on Nippon Television’s Friday Road Show, the Barth Festival will take place.

At the climax of the story, there is a scene where the characters Pazu and Theta cast the spell “Bals” and Laputa collapses. In this scene, many people tweeted “Bals” at the same time, and as a result, a world record of 25,088 tweets per second was set.
It’s rare now, but before, Twitter sometimes went down at this Barth festival . When Twitter fell, a picture of a whale appeared, and the user said, “The whale has risen again” and “It’s a whale”, but that means that so many people accessed Twitter.

Corporate movements in line with the Barth Festival

One of the most common things companies have done is to run promotions in line with “Bals” .

However, even if you just tweet “# Barus” and “Please buy XX (product)”, you will be shunned, so you need something interesting.

For example, at the moment of “Bals”, Nissin tweeted “Umas” along with an image of a model like Pazu and Theta holding a cup noodle.

In addition, I posted a tweet that a model who cosplayed Muska reproduces the scene where Muska’s eyes are crushed, which is also famous in Laputa.

Tanita also tweeted very simply saying “Tanita” instead of “Bals”.

In this way, it was common practice to publish their content in the same context at the moment when users were excited about specific content .

The origin is said to be a 2013 tweet .

Super bowl

In the case of the United States corporation case, there is a big tournament called the Super Bowl (American football, NFL championship deciding match). It’s a sporting event that is watched by more than 100 million people all over the United States, but at the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII, a power outage caused the venue to disappear .

Viewers all over the country continued to see the pitch-black scene, but at this time Oreo’s creative team of cookies tweeted “Power out? No problem” (“power outage? No problem”). I posted .

There is “You can still dunk in the dark” (“You can still dunk in the dark”), and dunk is a slang that immerses Oreo in milk and eats it , but this tweet spread at once It is.

Accidental moments are prevalent

As a result of these accidental moments and the attention of marketers around the world, real-time promotions have become popular on Twitter . In the United States, a similar phenomenon occurred on Facebook.

However, this is not something that can be done as planned. Still, the Super Bowl is an event that the American people are hooked on, so wisdom was squeezed to create a similar moment.

For example, in anticipation of the game development, creatives (materials) related to the whereabouts of victory and defeat and super play were prepared in advance, and tweets were made when the timing came.

In this way, each company was trying to realize real-time promotion.

in Japan’s case

After that, in the case of Japan corporation case, you will start tweeting while watching TV . Since TV programs have a fixed development like Laputa, you can prepare tweets in advance as to which material to post at which moment .

In this way, attempts were being made to prevent the user’s moment from being missed.

However, this has recently been declining . Although “Bals” tweets are still being tweeted, it is said that it is about half of the peak, and it will continue to decrease.

As with the cancellation of the Olympics, the number of exciting events for the people is decreasing , and the opportunities for society as a whole to get together and get excited are steadily decreasing.

People’s interests are disjointed and it is difficult to get excited at the same time .

What companies can do

In such a situation, what a company can do is divided into two.

Create a moment

One is to create a moment by ourselves .

In the case of Glico

In the case of Glico, November 11th should be registered as a trademark as Pocky’s Day, but since 1111 and four long sticks are lined up, it is a memorial day related to our products called “Pocky & Pretz’s Day” . ..

By actively campaigning “Please tweet with #” and “Please post on Instagram”, and by setting up a special shelf for Pocky at convenience stores, Twitter and Instagram all over Japan on November 11th. Every year, attempts to make it full of Pocky are successful.

People remember Pocky on November 11th, and the brand is becoming more and more popular. This is an example of creating a moment by ourselves.

In the case of Meigetsudo

Another very interesting example recently is the sweet “Hakata Torimon” . It is not a sweet that was originally famous in the national district, but it seems that sales have increased significantly recently.

The trigger was the drama “M-Beloved One” modeled on Ayumi Hamasaki.

Minami Tanaka, who was appearing, wore an eyepatch, but it became a hot topic because the eyepatch resembled Hakata Torimon . People who were watching the drama were excited, “Isn’t that eyepatch like Hakata Torimon?”

Meigetsudo, who manufactures Hakata Torimon, did not miss the excitement.

Until then, I hadn’t actively tweeted anything other than advertising, but now I’m posting related to the drama, and I’ve started using the drama for my company’s promotion .

For example, I posted an illustration of Amabie, which is popular nowadays, with an eyepatch, tweeted an impression that “M-Beloved One is interesting,” and even became a sponsor of the drama .

In other words, as a result of watching the Hakata Torimon commercial on TV while the viewers watched the impression of the drama on Twitter, the impression went up and the sales increased .

As for the commercials, I like the post saying, “Actually, it was the first commercial in the national district.” I used it to the fullest for promotion, such as getting a commercial and posting a commercial on YouTube the next day for those who missed it. Since it is a sponsor, there is no problem on the drama side.

In this way, by not overlooking the moment generated by the user , Hakata Torimon was able to make good use of the moment that can only be used by the company.

Now, rather than using the large moments that are common to the general public, we are shifting to creating our own moments or using the moments that are naturally generated by users.

Which moment should you aim for

From now on, you should aim for small moments related to your company rather than large moments such as the “Bals Festival” and Super Bowl mentioned above .

Large moments have recently been associated with solar eclipses and Blue Impulse to express gratitude to healthcare professionals in relation to corona, but it is not easy for companies to relate themselves to such moments.

Even if they are associated, they can give you a “feeling of being overwhelmed” and can be counterproductive.

Therefore, it is necessary to connect it with the content that your fans are likely to have, and approach it in a good context.

For example, Twitter is characterized by its good compatibility with subculture. A lot of tweets were made when “Dragon Quest Walk” was released, and fans of “KanColle” are often excited on Twitter.

There is also the popular manga / anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. It would be nice to be able to post well in those contexts.

Now, in this way, instead of the global moment, we find and connect the moment that is compatible with our products and brands , or we make the moment, and we do not overlook the moment created by the user . Spreading the brand has become a trend.

I also often recommend the use of such moments rather than large moments.

At the end

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