How to add fonts to google docs easily

How To Add Fonts To Google Docs

The question in your mind is How To Add Fonts To Google Docs? The sources Google is a set of fonts that are grouped and made available for everyone.

You can download, install, and use them to lay out all kinds of content, such as PowerPoint or the cover of a job in Word docs on a google sheet or local use.

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How to use Google Fonts

Easy way how to use google fonts:

If everything we have seen so far has convinced you and you want to start using Google accounts in your designs, you should go to its main page:

At the top there is a search bar , in case you already know the name of a source and want to search for it.

Right next to it you find another section, where it says “ Type something ”.

Here you can write an example word or phrase to visualize the sources.

The next section regulates the size of the fonts.

You also have the option of doing the search with filters , such as the font category (handwritten, with little space between letters etc.), fonts from other languages (Chinese, Japanese etc.) or the properties of the fonts.

In the font categories we have the options regarding the style: Serif and Sans-Serif (we will see the difference later), “ Display ”, “ Handwritting ” or “ Monospace ”.

Each style has some characteristics:

The ” Display ” font is designed for headlines, large texts or main banners . Its letters are more striking than the rest of the fonts.

The “ Handwritting ” typeface in Spanish, “ handwritten letter ”, imitates human calligraphy . It is very nice for smaller texts, perhaps specific, or for texts in which you want to imitate the human handwriting.

The ” Monospace ” typeface is the one that both its letters and their spaces occupy the same horizontal space .

They were the original sources of typewriters, and those that began to be used in computing (due to their simplicity).

It’s a very understated font style that can add seriousness to a presentation.

Another type of filter is the ” Font Properties “. We also provide best seo link building service.

Here you will be able to filter by the characteristics of the fonts, such as the number of font styles , the thickness , the inclination and the width of the letters.

In this example, we have looked for a font with a moderate slant and a greater thickness.

Clicking on one of the fonts brings up a new window.

Here you find the different styles of the font (if you have more than 1). Each style is differentiated by a different thickness and slant (bolder and more italic).

If you keep downloading, you will find the entire alphabet written in that font, the license that has information about its creator.

Finally, you find the combinations of that letter with the five other most used fonts.

How To Add Fonts To Google Docs

How To Add Fonts To Google Docs is very easy steps follow in below:

  • Go to your google docs
  • In the top toolbar Click on “More Fonts”
  • Pop-up screen open
  • Search and select your favorite fonts and then Press ok

1st Steps

How To Add Fonts To Google Docs

how to add font on google docs

2nd Step

How To Add Fonts To Google Docs

Follow our easy steps and remove question in your mind How To Add Fonts To Google Docs.

How To Add Fonts To Google Docs

What are Web Fonts

For many years, web design could only use typographic fonts , called ” safe fonts .”

This was because, for a font to be displayed correctly on a computer while browsing the Internet, the user had to have that font installed on their device .

Otherwise, I could not see that font and layout of the website is ” descolocaba “.

This happens today in the application, for example, PowerPoint . If you want to use a font that is not installed by default, you must install it yourself .

This problem was solved with the arrival of the ” Web Fonts “. These are very varied fonts, which are stored on the server (instead of having to download them on each device), so when you load a web page, they are downloaded together with the photos and the text.

In addition, Google Fonts fonts are compressed so that they are downloaded to your device quickly and easily. How To Add Fonts To Google Docs is very easy method.

These fonts are kept in the cache of your device; If you go back to a page with these fonts, they don’t have to be downloaded again.

What is Google Fonts or Google Web Fonts

Google Fonts , previously known as “ Google Web Fonts ”, is a catalog or repository of these fonts with a multitude of typographic styles ; completely free and royalty free.

There are currently more than 900 families , each with variations in terms of font thickness or cursive style.

You can download and use any of these fonts for personal use, such as creating a PowerPoint , or for commercial use, such as designing a web page .

Why use fonts from Google Fonts

Although Google fonts were born largely to solve the problem that we have seen in web design, today they are used for any type of design , such as PowerPoint presentations and Word document templates .

So even if you are not a designer , Google fonts have many advantages for you.

You will get original and elegant designs in your PowerPoint presentations

As we have already talked about, these fonts can be used in any of the Office applications, such as PowerPoint , and get incredible designs.

Depending on the theme you have , they may serve you one or the other; but among the 900 that you have available you will surely find the perfect combination.

And it is that, it is highly recommended to use between two and three fonts for each design.

In this way, you will get people to perceive your presentation as much more worked and accomplished, in addition to being much more aesthetic.

You can use their catalog as inspiration

If you’re a bit lost and don’t know which fonts will look best on your website or presentation, the Google Fonts home page can serve as inspiration.

In one of the options at the beginning you can write a word or text to see how it looks with each font.

You can also filter the typeface you are looking for : from a very thick type to one that imitates calligraphy.

For example, to find a font that is thicker than usual, click on ” Font Properties ” and then check the box for ” Thickness .” By sliding the cursor over the bar, you will filter the fonts.

If you are looking for combinations of letters that can be beautiful, take a look at the last section of this post!

They are very easy to use: download, install and go!

To use a Google font you just have to choose it on its home page , download it and install it on your computer .

In the next section we see each of these steps explained in detail.

They allow ” responsive ” web designs

A responsive design is one in which the elements of the web page (text, images, columns, etc.) adapt to any type of screen (mobile, computer or Tablet).

Google fonts are designed for any type of device and browser , so if you are a web designer, you will have no problem using it.

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