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How I Come Up With New Ideas To Generate Content Or Why I Do What I Do

How I Come Up With New Ideas To Generate Content Or Why I Do What I Do

Daily Generate Content for your blog. I already feel almost a little guilty for bringing up this topic so often. The good thing is that in more than 3 years it is not surprising that from time to time the themes are repeated.

On this occasion, I even remember having played it at least once. In other cases, I am not so lucky.

I think it’s worth dedicating a post to it again because things change and evolve. If you have recently started reading this blog, you may be seeing this type of content for the first time.

Don’t post is not an option

What I have heard on more than one occasion is that people say that they are not able to publish with a high frequency for the following reason: lack of creativity and time. It is clear that both reasons are nothing more than excuses. In the end, everything boils down to priorities Generate Content.

For me personally publishing is a priority. It is part of my well-being, my daily routine, and therefore my lifestyle. It is a pillar that gives me stability. If you don’t publish, it’s not an option, something comes out.

Settle for Imperfection

If you always seek perfection in everything you do, you will never get anywhere. Even one wrong step allows you to move forward. The same can be applied to the publication of not-so-good content.

They allow you to improve from there. It is the fear of being criticized that holds many people back. Generate Content is part of a growth process.

No one likes to hear what they are doing wrong and many therefore react defensively. If you learn to understand the value behind constructive criticism, you will also see that being imperfect is not a step backward but rather the opposite.

Ponder Things

It’s been a while or even decades I can say that I don’t post guides on this blog. For this, there is YouTube that does it better than me.

I don’t want to spend that amount of time because my priorities are different. In the end, what I do in 80% of my content is reflect on my own decisions.

It is a way of creating lists for and against certain paths. It helps me adjust them and/or choose the best possible path at all times.

My first-line blog is for me. If then there are also people who want to read what I write well but that part is secondary. I don’t need pats on the back to do what I do. My motivation is another.


The most important part is summed up in one word: do. It is a habit in small to do bigger things.

It’s what drives me to start a Tesla rental company or take out a 6-7 figure loan from the bank now to invest in Lego. I haven’t told you about this in detail yet, but I’ll do it later when things are a little more concrete.

Do things with your head. Possibly I do too much at once but as always I usually say to everyone who criticizes me in a constructive way: this amuses me. In the end, it is about that. Have fun with your possibilities.

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