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Favorite Computer Game & Everyday Habits What is the Relation.

Favorite Computer Game & Everyday Habits — What is the Relation?

Favorite Computer Game & Everyday Habits — What is the Relation?

Any computer game involves collecting balls and mining a variety of items — uniforms, diamonds, gold, clothes, vehicles, and more. This also applies to the seizure of territory and the subjugation of troops. In terms of a variety of resources, video games can be diverse. This is especially true of NFT versions, for which the gameplay is as close to real life. A personalized gamer experience comes first for most developers.

For the successful completion of the mission, the conditions can be very different. But the fact is that most players perceive in-game items as accurate and value them. It’s like a kind of Metaverse that involves people more and more. Let’s analyze what habits people can improve while playing and what consequences of long-term using a PC.

What are Human Habits & How Does it Relate to the Online Gaming World?

Most experienced gamers complete missions due to the fact that they develop their skills due to a lot of attempts. No doubt, this is the only way to win. No cheats or codes replace the real user experience. This means that the gameplay is somehow connected with human habits, nerve impulses, and in some way the subconscious. Such nuances are taken into account by more and more developers whose personalized versions become popular.

Human Habits

A habit is an automatic action that happens every time “a specific trigger is turned on”. This applies to a wide range of situations, including side missions, character selection, and equipment. Users often choose one or the other option based on their experience. In other words, in a certain situation, people will automatically follow the pattern. This works in both the digital and real world. Human habits can relate to important matters such as spending money or relationships with other people. They can also include seemingly small daily activities:

  1. Morning coffee is always drunk in conjunction with viewing Instagram
  2. People spend most of their paycheck on the 1 day
  3. Sitting at 9 pm in front of the TV and watching Netflix until midnight is commonplace
  4. Some people prefer to visit the gym 3 times a week

Most video games have a psychotherapeutic effect — gamers can find out their unconscious needs and desires, and get rid of their fears, anxieties, and aggressive states. Three main elements are essential in the process of skill improvement — a trigger, also known as a cue, a habit, and a reward. More nuances are described in detail in the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

Virtual Reality & Gaming Addiction

Despite a large number of positive effects, many people still believe in the negative impact of the digital world. Addiction refers to any action or inaction that is not only automatic but that gamers experience a great compulsion to do. Sometimes player habits are so strong that it seems insurmountable. Often this refers to the following:

  • People constantly look at the smartphone to touch it (it has been proven that touching the smartphone causes pleasant sensations)
  • Compulsive overeating, also known as emotional overeating
  • Browsing Youtube and TikTok in order to find a gamer’s video and compare its results with your own

For many users, the second life they live in the virtual world is as real as the one they are fleeing into an alternative ecosystem. This has been confirmed by many psychologists. Some of them are concerned about a large number of accessories used, which, in their opinion, can cause a loss of interest in real events. People get used to the alternative ecosystem by playing games day and night. Typically this affects their habits and physical fitness.

Gameplay and Improving Skills

Thousands of games can contribute to the acquiring of the skills of adolescents. This is confirmed not only by developers but also by many educators. People at different ages may improve concentration, reflexes, insight, and the ability to think logically. Strategy games teach users to solve problems, analyze, plan and predict their actions. The same applies to learning the language, geography, and customs of different people. Educational versions for children can help develop a pro-social attitude and teach cooperation.

One of the most popular games among children is Minecraft. It is a survival that consists of exploring endless terrain, acquiring various types of resources, creating structures, and building or competing with other players. No less common are the NFT versions which occupy a large market share. The popularity of such ecosystems is associated with the growing interest in Bitcoin. Check the statistics on the ICOholder website to make sure that such versions are promising.

Prospects for eSports

Computer games are no longer just entertainment. This is a fact that hardly anyone will deny. Cybersport is becoming more and more part of the daily life of young people. It’s not only about sitting at the computer. Thousands of enthusiasts take part in tournaments organized and sponsored by companies such as Microsoft, Red Bull, PlayStation, and others. The purpose of such events is to increase interest in IT.

Participation in tournaments is not only entertainment and quick profit. Professional eSport requires the same physical and mental training as football, swimming, or athletics. The best gamers gain mental resilience, manage stress, set goals, and improve mental alertness.

Kay Takeaway

For many youths, the world of computer games is extremely exciting. It’s not only about entertainment but also an opportunity to develop skills and get personal experience in the digital world. Every year such activity becomes a more obvious part of our life. A set of accessories for an ordinary user is complemented by virtual reality glasses, helmets, wide-angle webcams, and other equipment.

Trying to keep up with the times, people should not forget about the risks. We are talking about possible involvement in the virtual world. This is a problem that worries many parents. It’s impossible to completely prohibit a child from using a PC. But that doesn’t mean you should be upset. Adults should accompany their children on a journey through the virtual world and discover its nooks and crannies with them.

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