Design and Web Positioning Must Go Rank On Google Easily

Design and Web Positioning Must Go Rank On Google Easily

Many people still believe that web design and positioning Rank On Google are two completely separate disciplines. In fact, the most common is to find design services and positioning services offered by different professionals. As if both disciplines could exist in parallel universes, without even touching each other.

But the reality is that web design and positioning are two essential pillars for a successful website, isolated they are useless and it is by working together for common goals that the best results are achieved. You do not believe me? Let’s see it.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful website hidden inside an inaccessible tower

Many times when we start with the design of our company’s website, the only thing we have in mind is that it be a beautiful website.

Who says pretty, says original, modern, special, cool, super professional… What interests us most is to convey the image we have in mind of our project.

Many times without even taking into account that the design has to attract our target audience and not just us. Many times assuming risks that will negatively influence our chances of having a functional website, focused on objectives and positionable in search engines.

This would be a web project focused on design: we forget about navigability, positioning and our goals to focus on appearances.

And most of the time we end up with a very apparent website, but not very effective. Months will pass and you will feel that your website seems to be like Rapunzel, locked in an inaccessible tower in the middle of a lost forest, where not a soul passes through. The visits will not arrive and you will not achieve the goals that you had set for yourself with your page.

And what happens when we only take into account the positioning?

The opposite is also often the case. When we create a website with the sole objective in mind that it is well-positioned Rank On Google searches.

We forget to design and functionality. Without thinking about the person who visits our website, we dedicate ourselves to seeding it with pages and blog articles created solely and exclusively with SEO in mind.

Disjointed, repetitive, uninteresting, low-quality texts, whose sole objective is to seed the web with keywords. Instead of creating our website with our customers in mind, we do it with Google robots in mind.

And it is possible that we will climb positions in the search engines with greater speed, but the people who arrive at our website will find it full of disappointing content, which many times will not be what they were looking for.

This will cause undesirable cognitive dissonance, we will lose potential clients because what we offer them is not what they are looking for.

Pages and pages of useless filler for our target audience will make it difficult for them to connect with our brand and find what they are looking for. Nor will we achieve the objectives that we had set for ourselves…

Design and web positioning were born to love each other

You have already seen that in isolation, design and positioning will not help you achieve your goals on the internet.

Actually, both disciplines have to go hand in hand and work together so that your website is really effective and you get everything you expect.

It is time that this huge gap that exists between designers and SEO experts is closed or we build bridges for Rank On Google. As a designer, it is necessary to have notions of positioning and vice versa.

Unfortunately, in most cases, pages with very attractive designs are created in which little or almost no time is spent on positioning, on the other hand, the pages that are optimized often sacrifice design and usability in the process. path.

I personally trained in SEO to be able to offer a more complete service to my clients. Too many times I saw how a very well-designed website, delivered to someone inexperienced, ended up being a totally ineffective website. No matter how cool your website is, if you don’t appear in Google searches, you don’t exist.

That is why now when I design a web page I take SEO into account when designing the structure.

I respect Google’s recommendations for webmasters, I deliver it already optimized for SEO. I include a small online course in which I explain to my clients how they can continue working and maintaining the positioning of your website day by day.

Design and Web Positioning Must Go Rank On Google Easily

How is a website designed for SEO?

Here are some recommendations so that a website with an incredible design is also easily positionable:

  • A professional quality content manager is used that uses the most up-to-date programming languages ​​and is constantly being improved and renewed. Yes, the correct answer is to use WordPress, there is nothing comparable.
  • Usability is taken into account throughout the design process.
  • Friendly URLs are used. Friendly URLs are those that are made up of words that explain what their content is. For example:
      • (friendly)
      • (not friendly)
  • It is 100% responsive. This means that all the content, texts, and images, change and adapt according to the size and proportions of the screen from which the web is being visited. It is a typical inexperienced mistake to want everything to look the same no matter what device.
  • It has a security certificate. Adding a security certificate to your website is an easy and increasingly important step for positioning.
  • Duplicate content is avoided at all costs.
  • The structure is designed taking into account a previous keyword study.
  • All uploaded images are optimized so they don’t weigh too much and are tagged with keywords.
  • Loading speed is prioritized in design over effects or huge images.
  • A good SEO plugin is installed and used on all pages created.
  • The text on the images is not inserted as part of the image but as separate content. This allows many important texts to be indexed and also helps images with text work well on all types of screens.
  • It is registered in Google Webmaster tools and a sitemap of it has been sent to be indexed.
  • The meta descriptions of all the pages are customized to be unique, attractive, and SEO friendly.
  • The design is simplified so that the website is more attractive to search engines: better results in responsive design, lower loading speed…
  • Cognitive dissonance is avoided, that is, the user is given what he expects to find. If someone enters our website searching for a keyword on Google, the content offered must be consistent and have sufficient quality to satisfy our visitor or we will lose it.
  • An internal link structure is created that is reinforced from each new content created so that Google easily knows which are the most important pages of your website Rank On Google buy high da pa backlinks.