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Car 5 Best Dashboard Mount Phones Buy Now Here

Today we all spend the day hooked on the screen of a mobile phone. Although we are so used to it that we do not even consider it, in our pocket we are carrying a device, a Dashboard Mount Phones, tremendously powerful. Our mobile phones can solve countless problems thanks to millions of applications, thousands of them oriented only to driving and in our car. Hence, using a mobile phone holder in the car is often a great idea. And that is why today we will talk about these accessories, really cheap, quality products that are available for just 10 euros. We have selected what we consider to be the 5 best mounts for your mobile, which for less than 10 euros will modernize your car.

Why use car phone holders and dashboard phone mounts in the car?

If we drive an old car, or without an entertainment system and a navigator, it is enough with support and our mobile phone to transform it into a modern car and enjoy functions that have nothing to envy to those of a last-generation car. In many cases, even in cars with an entertainment and navigation system, the support will help us access functions that we do not have, such as applications that, like Waze, inform us of traffic in real-time, or even speed cameras and other traffic incidents. we need to use this best gadget car phone holders and dashboard phone mounts in our old cars.

If for work or in our personal time we use several cars, rental vehicles, and even car sharing, having support for the mobile and thus having our fully personalized driving applications is also a great idea.

Mobile support can provide our car with functions and improve our driving, at the level of the most modern cars, but it is also necessary to maintain some basic rules, prioritize safety and avoid behaviors that can cost us a fine.

We discuss the 5 best Dashboard Mount Phones holders in the car

We have prepared a selection with 5 well-known car phone holders and dashboard phone mounts with many good ratings on Amazon, holders that we have had the opportunity to use, and which have different advantages and disadvantages, and different coupling systems. In addition to the proposed supports, the accessory market is so wide that you can find many others with similar characteristics, perhaps even better, and cheaper.

For this, we recommend that you closely follow the scores, and the opinions of buyers, on sales portals such as Amazon, Etsy, 2TX1, eBay.

1- Aukey: support for the air conditioning grille

A classic. A simple holder, which hugs the mobile phone and therefore adapts to phones of very different sizes. Despite being one of the most versatile, it must also be borne in mind that in fan coolers of fanciful designs, for example, round, we can have difficulties holding it correctly.

Pros: very versatile and simple. From our experience, we assure you that having your mobile in front of the air conditioning outlet in summer is very useful, especially if we charge it at the same time, or use applications that raise the temperature of the phone a lot.

Cons: Although it tends to fit most cars, on some with whimsical aerator designs it might not fit all that well.

The best if your mobile suffers from temperature problems in summer.

2- Modohe: clamp for car instrumentation

We like it, as it is a very original proposal. His idea is based on a clamp that is designed so that the bracket is attached to the visor of the instrumentation. It is intended to be used as a Head-Up Display and placed above the instrumentation dashboard mount phones, but that in most cars will mean losing visual field, and assured distractions. We would recommend placing it with the mobile vertically, and on the right side of the instrumentation, although this is not always possible in all cars and depends on the design of the instrumentation visor.

Pros: simple and it is the one that makes the mobile closer to the steering wheel and to the visual field.

Cons: as it is sold, and the proposed use of it, guarantees distractions, that we lose visual field and, be careful, that an agent of the Civil Guard decides to fine us. Never use it above the instrumentation.

The best to use as a complement to instrumentation.

3- Cocoa: suction cup mount for mobile

Another classic. In the purest style of traditional portable GPS navigators, this system is based on a suction cup. This allows us to connect them in very different locations, and a lot of room to guide our mobile phones. The most common coupling, the one without fault, will be that of the windshield. In some cases, although I fear that few, we can also dock it on top of the dashboard if the surface is flat and smooth so that the suction cup can make a vacuum.

Pros: very versatile, because it allows us a very wide range of locations, and orientations, to place our mobile phone.

Cons: in summer, with 40º in the shade, using a browser, and charging the mobile at the same time, the last thing we want is to have our mobile phone above the dashboard, away from the vents, and just below the windshield.

It the best if we want to have the dashboard clear and the mobile in a higher position.

4- Mpow: mobile holder in the CD slot

The old music records, the old CDs, are out of date. Few people still use these discs to listen to music. But in cars with a few years we find a slot in the stereo in which we no longer use discs. Hence, a whole series of supports have arisen that take advantage of that slot to connect. A smart solution, suitable only for cars with a CD stereo and as long as we don’t use discs. Of all the collections, it is the most expensive, and the price of this, and other similar devices, is usually above 10 euros.

Pros: take advantage of the CD slot for the intelligent installation of a mobile holder. From our experience, its fit is quite solid, perhaps it is the one with the most solidity, and the most difficult it is to loosen, of all those proposed in this collection of mobile phone holders.

Cons: not all cars have a CD slot and, if they do, the sound system is not always located in a high and comfortable position to place the mobile phone. It cancels the CD, therefore if we continue using discs to listen to music we should discard it.

The best if we have a CD stereo on the top of the dashboard, and we do not use it.

5- Mpow: magnetic dashboard phone mount support for air conditioner aerators

My favorite is the magnetic dashboard phone mount, although not the best for all drivers, is the magnetic dashboard phone mount for air conditioning vents. After trying very different media, this is the one that I have finally “married”, and the one that I have been using for years. I like it for the speed of the mobile coupling, for being based on a magnet, but this advantage is also its biggest drawback.

This type of support requires that we attach a magnet to our mobile phone, a very thin magnetized sheet, which can be pasted directly on the phone, or inside the case. The only problem with using the magnet, or at least the one I’ve experienced on iPhone X, is that it cancels wireless charging.

Pros: very compact. Ideal to carry it in your pocket and place it in a second, if we drive many cars, for work, rent, car-sharing, or press fleets, to test them, because you work at Diariomotor. The mobile phone packs in a second.

Cons: The bracket doesn’t fit well on some quirky-shaped aerators. If the phone does not support perfectly, and we also use a heavy mobile, it is easy for us to drop it when going over potholes. This situation has occurred to me on certain occasions, especially when the support did not fit perfectly to the aerator and used an iPhone X (174 grams).

The best to carry in your pocket and to be constantly changing cars.

Precautions when using the dashboard mount phones in the car

Very important. Having support for the mobile phone does not exempt us from complying with one of the most basic rules of the General Traffic Regulations, and one of the most persecuted infractions by Traffic agents.

If the position of the mobile phone clearly reduces our visual area, we can be – and will be – penalized. If we manipulate the mobile phone while on the go – and believe me, placing the mobile phone in a holder will constantly tempt us to manipulate it – it can cost us a fine.

The fine for using the mobile phone while driving is 200 euros, and withdrawal of 3 points from the license (more information on points from the license that removes the mobile phone and the fine for using the mobile phone ).

On the other hand, the General Directorate of Traffic is studying toughening these sanctions, even going so far as to withdraw 6 points from the license for using the mobile phone, and is increasing the means to monitor and “hunt down” drivers.

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