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Low Cost Web Hosting

A Basic Review of the Top 3 Low Cost Web Hosting and Domain Website

A Basic Review of the Top 3 Low Cost Web Hosting and Domain Website

Finding high-quality, yet cheap, web hosting is not easy. Every website has different requirements. So the owner of the person finds himself having to compare all the features of the Low Cost Web Hosting Company, all while searching for the best possible deal.

Most hosting companies offer very cheap rates to their new customers, only to raise those prices 2 or 3 times higher once the testing period is over. Some companies offer bonuses to their customers when they sign up, such as a free domain name or a free SSL certificate.

Low Cost Web Hosting

Below we’ll dive into the best cheap web hosting plans. We will walk you through the basic hosting features necessary for a host and how to match your needs with your hosting plan.

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iPage Low Cost Web Hosting is a rather strange web hosting, why? Because they only have one common plan! The company believes that it can fit all needs. Anyway, the company puts enough resources into its single plan, so it is here to challenge the rest of the competitors with more diverse offerings.


The only plan

This feature has its own appeal, as the company seems to be targeting non-technical people who want simple solutions and don’t want to spend their time fumbling over which plan to use.

Free domain name

Would you like to get a powerful web hosting service (domain included) for less than $25 a year? Then iPage is what you need. Where the reservation fee for one month does not exceed $ 2

SSL is free

Let’s Encrypt has changed the hosting world in a very positive way. By offering free, automated SSL certificates, the entire web has become a safer and better place.

Free website building tool

iPage offers two different website-building platforms, and with the ability to add an unlimited number of sub-domains, you may want to try different things on each one. The company aims to put in your hands powerful creative tools that can masterfully shape your online space. You do not need to learn programming or technical skills. In fact, both of these website-building platforms are easier to use than WordPress.

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Defects: Insane fees for restoring backups

iPage creates automatic backups for each site. Backups are kept for the entire site for the last 2 weeks, and for all databases for the last 3 days. That looks really nice until you actually have to use a backup. It can cost you up to 150$! By asking such high fees, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that iPage is holding its clients’ files, hostage!

Crazy fees for transferring websites from another hosting

I will sum it up for you in one phrase: the cost of transferring your site from any hosting to iPage is $150!

You can take the risk of moving your site manually, but if your older hosts used cPanel, this can be a technical challenge. Especially since iPage uses vDeck Control Panel. In terms of appearance, the two control panels are similar, but technically they are completely different.

vDeck Control Panel

You may be wondering about the main difference between cPanel and vDeck. As we mentioned earlier, the two panels are no different in terms of appearance: both are simple and easy to use. The only problem is that the latter lacks many cPanel functions. Truth be told, novice users won’t struggle with it, but more experienced webmasters will find it too weak.

Poor technical support service

The iPage support team’s communication skills are below par, we would ask relatively simple questions about the service provided and had to repeat them several times before getting a clear answer.

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It seems that all the hosting companies on our list today are characterized by their strangeness, as we have noticed that most of the available reviews about Namecheap Low Cost Web Hosting focus on them as a company that specializes in registering and managing domain names. Although it’s already one of the biggest players in this space, Namecheap also offers a wide range of shared hosting plans and “Virtual” and “Dedicated” servers.


An excellent starting plan

To write this review, we reviewed most of the starter plans in other companies and found them suitable for one site and no more, while we find that the fees for booking the starter plan in Namecheap do not exceed $ 2.88 per month and allow hosting three sites. Which means the company offers unique value.

Considering all the features that Namecheap’s smallest plan includes, I have to say that it’s an excellent opportunity for people who want to host two or three small or medium websites.

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Free transfer from other hosts (and more)

Namecheap Low Cost Web Hosting offers a free site migration service. If you have a cPanel website and decide to switch over to Namecheap, the steps are pretty straightforward and don’t require any input from you.

All you have to do is simply provide Namecheap tech support access to your existing control panel and that’s it. They will do everything in less than 15 minutes!

What if my site transfer time exceeds 15 minutes? This is where it gets really interesting. In the event that the downtime exceeds the quarter-hour mark, you are entitled to receive free hosting at the value of your current hosting. In other words, if you purchase one year of hosting and are not satisfied with the way you migrate your site, you may get a full year of free hosting.

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Fair pricing policy

Unlike many other hosting companies that raise their fees dramatically once it’s time to renew, Namecheap’s hosting renewal price doesn’t increase. Isn’t that cool?

Free backups

All Namecheap plans include free twice-weekly backups. (Only the biggest ones have daily backups).

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Payment by bitcoin

Perhaps this is not closely related to web hosting, but getting the chance to pay in real cryptocurrency for digital services is amazing.

Defects: They use an ordinary HDD

In other words: hosting is not on SSD servers. This may partly explain the not-so-impressive performance of the cheapest hosting plans, where, as you know, SSD drives are still many times faster than older hard drives.

Limited storage space

Both the smallest and largest plans have limited storage space: 20GB for three websites on the Starter plan, and 50GB for the largest hosting plans.

Certainly not small spaces, but even so, many competitors don’t put limits on how much space an account can use (as long as it doesn’t violate their terms of service).

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The company’s servers consistently rank among the fastest and most reliable hosts, and their technical support team wins awards all the time. SiteGround Low Cost Web Hosting is the official host for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. So it can be said that it is our preferred and personally recommended option.

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Hosting optimized for WordPress and Joomla

We mentioned a while ago that SiteGround Low Cost Web Hosting is an officially recognized host for Joomla and WordPress. This is not just free advertising from the hosting, but rather a technological fact with the support that the company provides for WordPress which is interesting.

SiteGround does not have separate, pricier WordPress plans (like some of their competitors). Instead, all of SiteGround’s shared hosting plans are optimized for content management systems . The company uses an internally developed tool that stores database queries and dynamic content. Content management systems rely heavily on both, and caching provides better performance.

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Free backups

SiteGround servers create daily backups of all sites. You can easily restore an old version of your site at any moment. With the smallest plan, you’ll have to do this manually, but users who opt for the larger hosting packages can have their backup team do it for them.

SiteGround keeps backups from the past 30 days, which is long enough to undo changes that don’t work as expected or need an emergency recovery.

Defects: Limited space

We’re sorry to say, but this powerful company’s disadvantage is the lack of space it gives its customers: 10 GB for the smallest hosting plans and 30 GB for the largest.

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Hidden setup fee

Now, SiteGround plans have no setup fee, unless you decide to pay for a short period (like a month or six months). The bad thing is the fact that these fees are not mentioned anywhere. You might happily sign up for the idea of ​​testing SiteGround for one month and at the final step, annoying setup fees appear. It’s quite obvious that he aims to get you to stick around for a longer period.

Although this tactic is a bit lame, we always advise getting hosting for at least one year, regardless of whether setup fees are involved. You can’t expect much in one month or even six. One year is a more realistic time frame for achieving your goals, so booking hosting for a year or more makes sense.

SiteGround Low Cost Web Hosting money-back guarantee is valid for the first 30 days after you sign up, but if you cancel a prepaid plan once those 30 days are up, you won’t get a refund.

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